Park Güell Barcelona

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

So you might not know this about me, but I am obsessed with Barcelona and so in love with this city. Every chance I get I go there and just enjoy this beautiful city. I thought many times to moving to Barcelona, but for now I am staying in Switzerland though I could imagine living in Barcelona at one point since I probably know Barcelona as good as I know my hometown, where I grew up. Anyways after about five months of hard work I finally got my holiday and guess where I decide to go? Well to Barcelona of course, the place that I call home and where I can relax. I came here with my two friends. Today was very sunny day and I was feeling up for walking to we decided to go to beautiful park of Spanish Architect "Antonio Gaudi". Every time I go to Barcelona I need to visit that park, because it is such a beautiful park and place you can look amazing peaces and just relax. Also great thing about the park is that it has beautiful view over the whole city. From our hotel we had to take metro to the park we got our after couple of stations also I love metro so fast don't you guys also love that? Anyways after we got out we had to walk to the park for about 10 minutes, but it was very nice walk and I really enjoyed it. When we came to the park were talking a bit of pictures and just watching the beautiful view of Barcelona and then we sat down and had a coffee. After a coffee we walked around a park for a bit and then went back to the city had nice meal and now I am here getting ready to go out in the club, who is located next to the beach. So here is what I wore to the trip to this beautiful park

The beautiful view of this amazing city from this artistic park 

Beautiful details in park

Leather jacket from Stradivarius | Denim shirt from H&M | Sunglasses from Rayban | Backpack from Bershka | Skinny jeans from Bershka | Sneakers from Vans

So as you noticed I also posted view photos of the park so you can have some imagine of this beautiful park and maybe at least see it if you can't experience it, but I am telling you that is something you must see at least once. Anyways for this day I was going casual since it was just trip to the park and little walk. I took this denim oversized shirt that I actually got in men's department in h&m but seriously girls don't you agree that sometimes you can find great stuff at men's department? anyways I love it and wear it all the time anyways in Barcelona it was sunny but not enough for just shirt so I also took my leather jacket that I can't live without. It doesn't matter how cold or hot it is I will be always wearing it. With that all I wore my fav skinny jeans from Bershka that I so much love and I tucked the shirt in them to look cute. For shoes I decided on vans since we were going to walk and they are the most comfy sneakers ever then I also took my blue raybans since it was sunny and love to wear them whenever I have the chance and for bag I took my leather backpack that I have been loving because you can put so much stuff in it. It is very practical when you are visiting some new city. Anyways that was it from my look from Barcelona-Park Güell next look will be from night out in Barcelona. Hope you enjoyed it and also enjoyed this park with me together 

Lot of love and hugs

Nakedlydressed xx