Denim: The Evolution of denim jacket

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Denim jacket has been around for a long time. It is so fascinating how denim jacket developed through centuries and I think it is great that it really never goes out of the style. When I think about denim jacket I always think of this picture with young James Dean in 1950s in levis denim jacket. And yes I guess "Levis" is also big part of denim jacket, they introduced us to denim jacket and successfully have been making these amazing denim jacket for centuries now. The way they made denim jacket the way we dress and even kind of part of our lifestyle is very amazing. I feel levis made this trend so beautiful so these denim jacket go through generations and still don't go out of the style. Denim jacket is something you can actually share with your family, something everyone has in common with. I have been wearing denim jacket ever since I was a little girl and even today denim jacket still remain one of my favourite pieces in my closet. Of course when I was a little I used to wear it with my little dress and cute little bag to feel like I am grown up and now I wear it little differently. So for todays article I will be showing you how denim jacket developed through centuries

50s: this one is one of the first denim jacket. As you can see from the colour itself the technology wasn't that advanced, they couldn't make too many shades or with many details. It was simple jacket with just view also simple buttons. It was little bit oversized and just very normal length not crop or too long. They probably wore it back then with these typical 50s dresses with polka dots or these high waist shorts and these short blouses that they used to tight together 

60s: now this one is a bit later and you can see then they had discovered this light shade of denim and as you can see this jacket is little bit advanced. Some patches on the jacket and even more buttons and not that simple once. This one is very retro just suited for that time. This one is actually little bit tight, I guess that was in at that time. And I am totally loving these stains on jacket, they totally attentional did that. Back then these kind of school girl skirts were totally in and they probably wore with those or even these high waist jeans

70s: now you can see shades of jeans between very dark and very light, a shade that most of our jeans these days have or at least mine. I think this is the best jeans shade don't you think so? Anyways this one has little bitter buttons with little these typical denim jacket details under this pockets very typical. This one now already has normal size which means it is perfect for anyone. They probably wore this one with these beautiful dresses and hats or these skirts with dots also chick and also flare trousers with many different prints or even these mid length skirts 

80s:  in 80s they had this kind of shade too light with little darker shade and it really does look cute. Then they started this trend oversized and as you can see this jacket is little bigger with big pockets and this big buttons. I love this fringe details another trend from past that is so in now. They wore this jacket with probably these retro high waist jeans in similar shade and with some super cute vans or all starts. And also back then in 80s fashion was pretty wild with tutus so these jacket would have been awesome with that as well and all these neon coloured pieces

90s: in 90s this trend oversized denim jacket really got around with little light shade denim jacket. I love this shade for denim jacket it is not too dark but also not too light just how I like it. I love this big pockets as well. I think around this time I was born but I don't remember fashion back then since I was little baby. But they probably wore with some cool sneakers and pony tale for wear in then. Very pin up girl kind of style and kind of school girl with these little skirts, or these mini skirts as well or overalls used to be so popular back then denim on denim nothing is better than that am I right? 

2000: then new century came around and they were bring back these little tight denim jackets, but then they had little advanced buttons more detailed. But still very simple as any denim jacket with another different shade. And at this time I was aware of the fashion and I remember people wearing denim jacket with flare jeans, those kind of jeans were so popular then. Even I wore them and I know today I hate these kind of jeans sometimes fashion can really funny :) Anyways they used to wear it with this flare jeans and some simple tops and it used to look so cool

Now it is part where we talk about recent denim jacket from 2011-2016 

2011: I remember in 2011 denim jacket were more styled like jacket. Long jacket but tight with also denim belt to look even more like jacket. In 2011 they made this feature with just one pocket and some cool buttons. The material of the jacket was a lot of denim shirt and the colour looked like that as well. Girls used to wear these denim jackets with some skinny jeans or skirts and curly hair that was so in then don't you remember?

2012: I think this denim jacket was my favourite one back then. I used to be so obsessed with finding just like this one. I remember looking at this picture and wanting it so badly. So in 2012 these oversized ripped denim jacket were big hit. It really looked cool on side ripped and just kind of vintage style. We used to wear it with basically anything from some it girl look to very casual look 

2013: when I think about it, it feels so long ago but it was just three years ago that these big dress like denim jacket were trendy. They made these denim jacket that were long and very much dress like with cool pockets features and this colour between light and dark shades which even today people adore. Girls used to wear it with very cute dress, it used to look so cute with skater dress you could kind of see the dress but not totally. 

2014: in this year designers and fashion makers came up with idea to print out some cool designs on the denim jacket to look super cute and this is the year that crop denim jacket become the thing. We used to wear them with these little black dresses and in very elegant way. In 2014 denim jacket had different pockets and very great shades as well new once, but the best part were these prints for sure

Today 2015-2016: well today we actually have become creative and we are adding different stuff to our denim jacket. Even though in 2014 these prints were the thing but now we are buying simple jacket and adding prints, glitters, fringe and many other details to make it unique. I feel today there is no trend for denim jacket it depends on everyones personality and mood. Some buy these oversized some these normal once denim jacket and still manage to make it unique. I see in different stores from oversized jacket to just simple once but I do have to tell oversized denim jacket are big hit this year. 

I think in general since 2000 we have become more open about denim jacket and don't look what kind is trendy, we just get the one that suits us the best. Like I said levis made this denim jacket be more than just a trend or clothing piece so that is why we don't care what kind of denim jacket is trendy it is more how we wear it. I mean these denim jacket did go through view changes but in the way not a lot as much as how we wore them and how we were them now. I feel denim jackets are in a way a tradition and the way of life. I am very proud to have that as part of my life and my fashion and we can thank levis the creators of this beautiful fashion piece that will go on and on through centuries and generations and still remain the way it was in the beginning. I think it is great how denim jacket still has identity that it had when it was created and I mean that it is still a thing is really amazing. I hope you enjoyed this article and remember don't waist your looks and life on some jackets that don't have that much history trust me denim jacket is worth your outfits wear it and be proud of it. Wear the world's tradition 

Till next time fashionistas

Nakedlydressed xx