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I think I did article like that in the past, but it was long ago. Basically what this article is about is I find for that week my biggest fashion obsession from my favourite brands and I will do in the future articles like this and they will be called "My weekly top find" I thought maybe I should do just for on brand because this is how other bloggers do but that is way too boring so I though I choose from couple of brands and show you their pretty stuff and then give you advice on how to wear them

Dress from BrandyMelville | High waist shorts from Urbanoutfitters | Red skirt from Stradivarius | Sahara jacket from Bershka | Daisy blouse from Stradivarius | Heeled sandals from Bershka | Rings from Pull&Bear | Denim jacket from Stradivarius

So I put all the link of these beautiful products you don't even need to search on their website I put up the direct link the only thing you need to do is click on the link so now I will show you how you can wear this great pieces

Summer dress from BrandyMelville: this dress is very simple but in very interesting way. I love dress with some simple prints and the colour is great. This one is great for spring or summer it works for both seasons. I would wear it with simple just put maybe some cool denim jacket or military style jacket also very cool one and with that some casual sneakers like all stars always good idea. All starts are my fav for summer and spring very comfy and they go with anything and with that maybe a cool hat and little backpack and you can go for fun Sunday with your besties 

High waist shorts from Urbanoutfitters: I feel like denim shorts will never go out of the style, but you do sometimes have to update them now these high waist and ripped are very stylish. The moment I saw this shorts I fell in love because it look like kind of retro style older shorts even though it is brand new. This is great pieces to have for everyday look in spring or summer. It can be styled very easily just take some simple top with it white one or any other colour even this nude colour would be great. You can wear it with for example with some cool shirt the stripe one, some cool combo for example red and black to spice things up or if you are feeling denim like wear either denim shirt or jacket and with that it would suit perfectly some sandals with shoulder clutch and daisy headband and throw some accessories like bracelets 

Red skirt from Stradivarius: I am so obsessed with anything that is leather, I love edgy in girly way and nothing is more edgy in girly way than leather red skirt how cute is? I actually can't get over it. There are so many ways you can wear this one for example with denim shirt tucked in the skirt, ankle boots and with a cute hat and clutch this is a bit elegant  in stylish way. If you it is kind of hot you can wear it for example with some cute crop top it is anyways high waist so it wouldn't be so bad and I would add sandals to this outfit with shoulder clutch and add some bracelets this would be more casual for some fun drinks with your girls

Sahar jacket from Bershka: this is another military style jacket I love these and this one really caught my eye with this cool patches and that it more pockets really makes it great. I noticed bershka has view jacket in this style, but I like the one the best. I feel this one you can wear in one many ways with skirts, shorts, jeans even dresses. I would wear it with some basic top or maybe shirt or blouse tucked into some bottom doesn't matter if it is skirt, shorts, trousers or something else and you can wear it with sandals or sneakers and with some cool handbag or backpack and you will be very military like for any occasion but you'll look very stylish

Daisy blouse from Stradivarius: this blouse is very interesting and this print really caught my eye. It totally makes you get into it and really look what that really is. I loved combo of these beautiful colours and this bow looks great as well. Because this blouse is so unique you need to wear it in elegant way. That means you could wear it either with for example darker jeans or maybe leather trousers would be cool as well and then wear it with sandals or even heeled sandals what you like better for bag I would wear shoulder bag you can either wear it on the side or cross, with this one you can also wear leather skirt very elegant as well. So if you are going to some fancy dinner I would totally suggest to wear this blouse and there are no accessories needed this blouse itself is enough 

Heeled sandals: I previous picture we talked about heeled sandals and now we got one if you didn't know how those look like and this one are so amazing I had to buy them. They were a bit pricy for bershka but for couple of weeks now I thought about them and just imaging myself wearing them and I was hoping they didn't have my number, but they did so it was meant to be. They are going to be great with for example some skater dress and some cute blazer if you are going out with for girls and don't forget little clutch and some necklace and bracelets this shoes will allow you as many of these as you can get. But with this one also simple leather skirt or high waist denim shorts also work for casual night out even though I can't imagine look with this shoes looking any casual it might seem but even with denim shorts it will look great. This shoes are great and so essential for the summer just put them on and you'll look great

Denim jacket from Stradivarius: I did talk about how you can wear denim jacket so let's not write too much if you want to know more how you can style look with denim jacket take a look here, but I do have to tell you guys that I adore it because it is crop and great with some shorts or skirts for summer time when it is amazing weather and love this patches on this jacket very custom made style 

So guys these were my weekly top finds, clothing pieces from my favourite shops that I can't stop thinking about I hope I inspired you and maybe you can try wearing something like that with something in your closet. I love weekly top finds because it gives me chance to show you guys how to wear different pieces that are in stores now and totally in at the moment. Hope you got inspired if you enjoyed this article please let us know so we can make more of these articles also don't forget to check out our latest collab with very sweet blogger here

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