all perpouse body-face- nails oil

Monday, July 11, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

hey all how are you girls , we haven't been here  for a while simply because we want you all to miss us and we are back with more things and some summer challenges to take the first step into you golden body .
in today's article ill share with you my new favorite thing that i am using to get :
-brighter nails .
-better skin .
- reduce of scars / stretch marks .
and this is such a great everyday thing simple thing you can do as a part of you body / face care .
so your ingreidantes are :
- olive oile .
-almond oil.
- shea butter oli / Shea butter .
-lemon or lime .
- bio oil.
 how to prepare this :
simply take equal amounts of the oils above and mix them up in a container that you can keep locked .
Note: to mix to much only 3-7 days amount .
take a whole lemon or lime take the seeds out and extract only the juice with nothing in it so it does not go bad on you fast .
add the juice to the mix .
and that's it shake well before every use in order for things to get well together.
use :
- this mix i a high moisturizer with a lightning /anti aging touch .
- to help with your stretch marks massage thoroughly every day until fully absorbed buy your skin  .
and the same goes for all your scars , and you can use it on your face before bed .
and on your hand and nails it will make them brighter ,stronger , thicker .
as always you must keep using this for a while to maintain results.
there is no harm in using it daily and for a long time .