summing up week

Thursday, August 11, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

so it has been 11days since i posted the 100 DAYS BEFOR new year challenge , and the reason that i haven't gave any of you tips is that i know that during the first ten days is usually when you are still making up your mined  on the things you want to change about your self.
so that break is done now and it is time to get started and here is how we will map this out :
1-EACH WEEK : i will give you a new health habit to follow for that week .
and through out the next 100 days you will see how much you have accumulated of health.
2-EACH month : measure your progress by pics (we would love it if you cloud share you progress with us by photos on instgram,facebook,twitter...etc) And post pics or things you have learned through out the challange .
 Tips :
Dont over do IT !!
by this i know alot of you are going to try to make a 360 degree change , but that is not the way to go about it .
take each small change one day at a time of you do to much you simply will be board in 2 weeks or so .
so just try to take it slowly and maintain the change .
and that brings me to the final TIP do this for your self now for anyone eles , if you want to lose wight do it for you , learn a new language do it for you , get a tatto ... what ever it is do it for you because it is you life .
so for all of you reading today use the #100_of_self_loving to share your success .
and this weeks small health tip is : one more glass of water , you dont know the difference that one more glass of water can do to your life , so drink up !