How to feel like summer when it's summer

Saturday, March 18, 2017 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Hey babes,
Before I start finish reading this article till the end trust me it will make sense. Anyways today it was sunny day one of first sunny days we had this year and you know when it start shinning you just need to give your hot pants little walk. I mean they have been sitting around your closet for view month now, they really need to do something. And I mean when it starts sunning it is automatically like 20 degrees it doesn’t slowly gets warmer no from minus 10 degrees to 20 degrees in just one day. And today I obviously had free, because my boss is just the nicest and he knows me so well that he knows that if I wait any longer to take these hot pants out I just won’t be able to work and I will get super sick and we all know they don’t want that. So as I said I had free and made plans with my bestie and actually I called her and said I am on my way to the city and told her to come and she said she’ll be there in 20 minutes and it was just great timing. We had such a great time, we went to starbucks, did little shopping and hang out at the lake. It was the best time, it felt like summer never left and just had summer vibes which is amazing. Anyways obviously I had to take photo of my hot pants outfit because could I then actually say that I took my hot pants for a walk first time this year? No I don’t think so, so here is the outfit with my hot pants very summer like and very suitable to this weather

Leather jacket from Pull&Bear | Basketball from New York Knicks | Sunglasses from Rayban | Lipstick from Urbandecay | Backpack from Fizzen | T-shirt from Pull&Bear | Denim shorts from Brandymelville | Ankle boots from Pepejeans

As you can see pretty casual, but very summer vibes. When I decided I wanted to wear hot pants the rest was easy. For t-shirt I decided on this long sleeve t-shirt from Pull&Bear and yes I know it is summer and hot, but yet winter was just yesterday it felt weird wearing everything summer like so I decide for last let’s wear this sleeve and since we were saying goodbye to winter and I needed to top it off with leather jacket also from Pull&Bear I mean even though I already had my long sleeve t-shirt and asI said it was like summer you just have to be sweating it just doesn’t look so cool only with t-shirt you need to add more stuff. For shoes I decided on this ankle boots because that just screams summer time and for accessories I took this basketball hat and this rayban sunglasses and on back this backpack from Fizzenyes it was pretty fun putting together this look. At one point I just had to take off my jacket it was way too hot, but when it got late it was super and I didn’t feel cold on my legs at all. I think it was also so cool how I put together look, which has winter and summer in one under summer and up winter and that is so cool not weird at all.
Haha now when you stop laughing yes that was this kind or article. As you know I live in Switzerland and here in March it is pretty much cold. I mean not so gold, but we get a lot of rain and yes sometimes we get little bit sun, but mostly it is super rainy and windy. Anyways last week we got to experience first time this year very warm day, but that means around 10 degrees so you still need jacket. And since we didn’t have the warm weather for a quite a while people get little crazy and start wearing hot pants and stuff that don’t make sense, but yet they wear them with jacket?! And then you are thinking what is this! View days ago I was watching one of this youtube videos, where they make fun of situation or people, which is in no way being mean, but just fun and I love watching these and I was after on phone with my friend and she was telling me how she was outside and she already seen people wear hot pants and then it click to my head I need to do funny blog post about hot pants. I am not making is fun of anyone I just thought it would be so relatable and funny. I mean I am so guilty of doing this as well so no being mean or making fun of because I am the same. I think it is so funny how you know it looks weird winter and summer stuff but you try to hard to convince yourself it is totally fine and the worst thing is, the outfit looks good. And how funny it is that you think yes the temperature just got way up like no sunny doesn’t mean hot as hell and you see it is not that hot but still going strong with hot pants. Little disclaimer I for sure didn’t get day off because of warm weather and my friend did come to city right when I called you that never happens. But overall I think the outfit did look pretty good except that it just didn’t make any sense.
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