My top foundations and concealers

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Hey my lovely people,
One of the most important product of your makeup collection are foundation and concealer you just have to cover everything so it needs to be good. So for today’s article I will be tell you guys all about my top foundations and concealers, that I personally tried and had the best results with. Nowadays there are so many different foundations and concealers and you don’t even know which once are good, well don’t worry I got you covered. I actually also did over our old blog the same article, but since that they did chance little so I guess this is updated. Also  hope you guys had an amazing day and will have even better weekend so let’s get started

Chanel les beiges: Someone of you probably thought I would put this one first because ever since I bought it I have been talking about it all over the blog, youtube and social media.This foundation is beyond a foundation is so more. At the first when I scared to buy it (because it was so expensive), but when I tried it I knew I didn’t regret it. The coverage is so amazing, it has matt finish and the best part you don’t need a lot of product to use to cover everything and also one bonus is the smell of foundation is so different from any other, it has this cream smell and when you put it on your face smells so good. I mean it is bit expensive, but since you don’t need a lot of products it will last longer than other foundation so it is pretty much the same and I would totally recommend it
Maybelline matt and poreless: this foundation is great for everyday makeup. It has great coverage though you need to put little bit more one and it has this matt finish, which I love and when you finish it looks very natural and yes very typical everyday foundation. Also one other thing this foundation blends very well and that also very important for most of us and I would totally suggest this one and also it is pretty inexpensive so that is another plus.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation: I actually just recently tried it out, because it just came out. And this is Anastasia Beverly Hills’s first foundation wuhhu!! and I have to say for the first foundation they done great job. First the application is super smooth, it glaze right on the skin, which I think is super important when it comes to this stick foundation you want to be able to apply it right away without any complications. Also it blends out so good and very easy, and also has medium coverage, which I think it is pretty good for stick foundation since it is harder to blend out so through that process you do lose a lot of product. So yes I am very happy great for everyday makeup and the price is not bad.

TooFaced Born This Way Foundation: This foundation has been all over internet and I just needed to check it out so I got it in October I would say and tried it out. So first I think the packaging is so adorable it is this matt glass little bit heavy kind of good quality I would say. First it blends very smooth, which I think it is always a big plus for me. The coverage is medium to full but that is when you put less you will get medium which when you put more you will get full coverage and it has natural finish. I am pretty happy with this one I use it from day to night it really works all the time and it makes your skin look “perfect” so yes this one also highly recommend and internet is not lying about this one all true

Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation: At first I thought this foundation would suck, because I never tried theirs before and thought now they are selling makeup as well for high prices that suck but I was wrong and so happy about it. For first time I tried out from my friend and then when I tried I bought it. First I think the bootle is just amazing and I love that they have this matt glass and it is so full coverage heavy full coverage. You really don’t need a lot of product and it covers everything and it also feels nice on skin. The application is also very smooth. It is pricy but if you are willing to invest you won’t regret it.

Now that we have seen view of foundation we are now moving on to concealers:
Tarté shape tape contour concealer: Before trying this out I never tried any Tarté products but since then I tried couple of other products and I got recommended by a friend. First I noticed that the wand is huge and it picks up a lot of products ,and also it helps you apply it easily ,and also you can work very well with wand. One other thing is that it has matt finish and it covers very well and last pretty much the entire day. Another plus is that you can use this concealer as contour as well
Urbandecax 24/7 Concealer: I already mentioned this one, but I need to mention it again. I love about this one that it is pencil and it is not liquid I used to hate this liquid concealer you just need more time to blend it out and for concealer pencil it covers very well.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer: I never thought I would ever buy myself a high end brand concealer, but this one is just so amazing. First this concealer doesn’t darken spots that you need to cover on your face and what I also like about this one you do get little bit more than with other concealers. It covers really good and impacts under eye area and yes I did tested it out and it last for about 12 hours I think that is also pretty good. The only thing it is little pricy, but if you really want good quality this one is great.

Nars Creamy Concealer: I think I tried this one view years ago and I am still loving it. I never was big fan of nars but I always loved their concealer and their foundation is not bad as well. I have to mention that the application is so easy. It has really great creamy constancy and it does well for covering up for example scars. It also blends very well and it makes your skin glow and I would recommend using it for everyday makeup.

Maybelline Anti Age Concealer: I found out about this concealer from my sister view weeks ago and I did use it on our Everyday Makeup Tutorial. It has this smudge and this makes it so much easier to apply it. They also have great range of colours and it does pretty good coverage, and price is very good. It also helps with under eyes circles I do have those and yes it really helps out. I would totally suggest it does the job

Seems like with makeup when you are looking for product it is like you are looking for future husband. It is really hard you need to know what you are looking for, what price do you want to get and all that stuff so hard but yet we still do it for love of makeup. Anyways these were my top 5 foundations and concealers I do have more I love, but this once are my top choice. I think this way you guys will get better idea about this product. If you ever tried any of these please let us know down below what is your experience like?

Hope you enjoyed it and had fun reading it
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