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Hey my lovely people,
I know it is pretty early to be talking about swimsuits when it is not even spring yet. But first to find right swimsuit it can take long time so you want to know what to look for and also some of you live in countries where it is already summer so that as well. Anyways swimsuit trends do change slightly every year and you have to look for that to be updated and to look amazing on your holidays or beach where ever you wear swimsuits. So I got for you eight different types of swimsuit you should be wearing this summer

Metallic swimsuit: we could have guessed this one I mean metallic has been going around for a while now from tops to skirt and trousers so it is logical that this summer metallic swimsuits will be in and I have to be honest I am very excited about it. I mean look at this one and imagine that in blue water just a dream and I think metallic as swimsuit is going to look fab so you will be seeing a lot of photos of me in metallic swimsuit

Striped swimsuit: and we are so getting back to retro style, this striped swimsuits remind me totally of retro style and I love it. It is going to look great with some high waist shorts and of course you can’t forget your round glasses and you are ready to rock that beach summer retro look and I do adore this one piece but if I rather wear bikini and not one piece because of the tan but if I am not at the beach I might wear it to look retro because I am obsessed anything retro

Mash: now this one is little bit different and very new it is edgy and sexy. Black swimsuit with cut out pieces to make it more interesting and edgy. This one can be great for some hot beach parties and it will look very flirty. It allows women to show confidence and their sexy and flirty side. I think it is great that now we can wear confidence and sexy in form of swimsuit and it is going to be huge to look for some cute once of these as well

High neck: did one I did see little bit of last year, but more like this top with shorts it was not really like swimsuit but now it is really in and everyone will be crazy about them. I think it looks really great you can wear as top as well but still have it like swimsuit and I think it looks really cool, but I would suggest wearing it when you can’t get tan because those tan lines will be bad

High waist swimsuit: I had a feeling this will be also coming back another retro style swimsuit. This swimsuit with high waisted shorts were huge deal back then and it will be now. I think it looks really great and also if you are looking to hight light some other parts and hide some parts this one if also very good for this. This is very comfy but yet very cool swimsuit trend you should check out

Nude swimsuitthis year there have been a lot of pieces in our favourite store in this nude colour some even call it cream and I mean if that colour is in it is going to be everywhere and that means also swimsuits. I think it is pretty great swimsuits in this colour since when you get nice tan it will suit very nicely. I think it is very appealing colour and it high lights your best features.

Ruffles swimsuit: now ruffles and very cute detail for your swimsuit and it is the trend from 80s. The ruffles were everywhere back in the day but now as well just the other day I just denim dress in Zara with also these ruffles and really looks cool. I would say wear ruffles in any pastel colour that will give you that feminine feature of ruffles

One pieces swimsuit: I just remembered back in the day when I was little the one piece swimsuit was big no no like you would be called like grandma but that is only because back then they did have this stylish one pieces they only had these sporty types of one pieces. But so good that they are back and better than ever, more stylish and improved and this once will be in this summer. There are a lot of types of once pieces and these once pieces are all about fashion. So go get them to be fashionista on the beach and for some cool events and you also got to wear that huge hat as well.
Swimsuits are first thing to get you in summer mood, just buying and choosing this amazing swimsuit who wouldn’t be happy about it. I love the fact you can’t ever get enough of swimsuit you can get always more and then mix them up with some others and you have even more swimsuits. And I love that we will be getting view retro swimsuit trends back I just love that look, and it can create great retro look. Even though I love retro some other swimsuit won my heart and that would be totally metallic one and I am for sure going to get one that effect of metallic it will look so good with my tan and in water it will look dope. Anyways what swimsuit did you like the best? Comment down below
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