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Friday, April 21, 2017 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Random question but are denim overalls called something else? I swear I thought they were called something else well I have to go with this right now don’t know the other name anyways hey babes I hope you had great week and can relax and have little bit of time this weekend. What are your plans for weekend? I mean good party can’t kill anyone who agrees with me? Today was such a nice day it was really hot I couldn’t believe and I was debating if I should really just wear shorts overall or jeans but then I went to my balcony and it was so hot. Today I went to the city and hang out with my friend and also helped her out with her school project I mean who would thought after school I would still be doing school work!? But it was kind of fun and I do miss it little bit just doing your school work and done. Later we went to shopping street here in Zürich called Bahnhofstrasse it is pretty famous you might have heard about it. We went there to check out new sephora that opened up here in Zürich but we were there for second it was way too much people. I hate the fact when something opens up everyone goes there, I mean it is just freaking store. I don’t care that much I have enough makeup and I will just go there in a month or so when there are not so much people or Monday when everyone is working. After unsuccessful Sephora trip we went to frozen yogurt place and got some and then talked by the lake and just enjoyed the sun. Overall it was an amazing day especially that we could experience sunny weather. So today I will show you what I wore like I promise I will try to do this every week one time if you like specific time let me know I will make that happen for you! Here you go this is what I wore today:

Denim overall Riverisland | Strip t-shirt Pull&Bear | Hat H&M | Sneakers Adidas| Backpack Stradivarius | Lipstick from Clinique | Necklace from Topshop

Today I wanted outfit to be as simple as it can without many details. When I noticed it is so hot I decided on this overall, because I just love it and I haven’t wore it for a long time so I used this as opportunity to wear it. I was looking at it and I thought stripes with that would be so dope and since it was black I was like let’s go with black. The thing is with stripes the stripes in that colour of your main piece goes the best if I would put blue once it just wouldn’t go or if I would wear blue jacket and everything around the outfit would be blue but otherwise no. After this it was pretty easy I took my hat, because it just hides my hair which is always not on point and it looks super cute with casual looks, it makes them more fashionista like. For shoes I choose the superstar adidas very comfy and also since the white is bright colour it gave little brightness to the look see what I am talking about in styling tips article the same thing. For bag I took this small backpack that suits great with this denim overall, it is very girly and super cute and last I added this top shop necklace that just looks great with everything and adds little girly details to outfits to look more girly. 
So this was my look very simple, but yet very adorable and also has little girly side as well. I hope you got inspired and I am sure you will also create cute simple but yet very interesting spring looks if you do so don’t be shy to share it with us.
Wish you an amazing time over there and share with us picture from Coachella and of course your outfits
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