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Have you ever wonder when you would know some styling tips would that make your styling and creating outfits easier?Well of course tip can make your life easier and any kind of process is it making food or styling. With the tips you know what for sure goes, what will make your outfits look outstanding and more interesting even though you just threw view things from your closet and even if you want longer legs certain clothing pieces can make this happened. Anyways before we start I first want to say how to all my beautiful fashionista and yes this week have been so good so far just been working hard and doing some stuff that I will be showing you soon. I just thought of this today thought it would be also nice to change up and show you some useful tips that will help you out with any look and you can always use. This are just view tips but if you want me I can do another part of this just comment down below also one other thing make sure to check out our newest menu Subscribe click here so go and subscribe to our newsletter and if you might be only interested in fashion for example we created newsletter specific for this top so you will only be getting newsletter related fashion or you can also subscribe for general but go check it out and subscribe we would love to have you part of our family so now let’s get started:

Nude pumps: when you are not sure if some shoes would look good just go pick your nude pumps first nude goes with anything and second the nude colour is the skin colour and that’s why it will also make your legs longer

Crop top and high waisted jeans: you can’t go wrong with crop top and high waisted jeans it is very retro style and very stylish. You will be casual but also looking very stylish and also this way you can hide your tummy and rather high light your long legs or your waist

Ankle boots: this magical boots go with anything you can wear them with jeans, skirts and shorts anything and any kind of style, with this boots your looks will always look stylish.

Brighten your looks with bright coloured accessories: if you have a lot of natural colours or dark colours in your closet or even if you are feeling up to wearing these colours this day you can do this and still keep it interesting. You just need to pick up some bright coloured accessories to give it little light and also make it interesting

Denim on denim always works: when you don’t know what to wear with jeans you can’t never go wrong with denim jacket. Denim on denim looks great and if you throw some cute top your looks will look amazing

Black on black: this is just classic black on black doesn’t matter if that is just black jeans with some top or dress with leather jacket it will just look outstanding and so stylish always great way to make your black outfit interesting is throw some jewerly

Layering necklaces: to make your outfit look interesting even though it is very simple is layer necklaces either the same material like on this picture, femme with edgy or feathers with beads anything work be as crazy as you want even our icon Coco Chanel agreed on this one

Wearing leather jacket like badass: leather jacket is for sure very edgy and badass but to make it even more badass roll it up little bit and then even throw with your leather jacket look some graphic tee and ankle boots and you will be totally badass

Layering: what do you thinks looks better the skirt and shirt or skirt, shirt and this jacket? Of course the second one, more pieces it makes it interesting and unique. When you feel like the outfit is boring or is missing something just throw either jacket or some pieces and that will do the trick

Fitted bottoms with loose top: what looks also amazing is fitted bottom with loose top or other way as well. When it is skirt or shorts it makes your legs very skinny and it looks super cute and always works

When you think about it, this tips makes sense and when you keep in your head it will be easier than when you try out and realize then. Picking outfits way easy you won’t have to go through your entire closet and then afterwards need to clean it. If you enjoy this one let us know by commenting so we can do part two of this one I think it is pretty cool and helpful article and you have always use this tips.
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