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Nakedlydressed is blog that has great vibes, positive energy and just all-fun things. Founded in 2015 by three friends from three different culutres, who share passion for fashion, beauty, fitness and travel. Giving other people advices about fashion and beauty is one of their favorite things so they decided to start giving people advices by blogging about it. Nakedlydressed is more than just a blog, it’s something you can’t find or read everyday, we got three girls from different cultures, with different interested, but yet still very similar that have huge knwoledge about these topics. Hope you’ll have fun reading nakedlydressed.

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ND Crew

Let us introduce you our crew 

Katarina:Co Founder,Manager and Writer
LisaCo Founder,Creative Editor and Writer
DianaCo Founder
FarnazArt Director & Writer
Neema: Editor

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