Latin Lover

Saturday, November 08, 2014 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Latin lover, that is topic that I talk about with my friends a lot and I think a lot of girls have that in common with me. I am not sure what you like, but I know that a lot of girls dream to have very handsome Latino by their side.
Everyone is wondering why is so special about those Latinos, why are they better then European boys. Well if you were wondering, you can stop wondering, because I will now answer to all of you unclarity about latinos.
I agree with all of you who say European boys are very handsome boys and also as good as Latinos, but still every girl is so crazy about Latinos. It is not anymore about just their looks, they get crazy only by hearing you tell them you are "LATION". European boys they are the sweetest boys and also very fun boys, but listen all of you now very carefully they just are not as good dancers as Latinos.
I mean they kind of dance, but they dance hip-hop do you think girl wants to dance hip-hop rather then salsa, the sexiest dance. What else let me see yes that is right, the language do you need more explanation. The Latinos language it doesn't matter if it is Spanish of Portuguese they are just both so sexy and when you hear man speak it, you get so interested in him that you just need to go right away to him and start talking maybe also get to dance with that sexy Spanish or Portuguese man. And when you hear someone speaking German or some other language next to that Spanish speaking man of course you are not even going to look at them and just go straight to that handsome Latino. Also good thing about Latinos, they are so fun like you will never get bored with them it doesn't matter if you are on date with them, casual hang out with friends or night out they will make every situation fun that you can't forget, and sorry European boys you just don't have that in you like they do. I don't mean like European boys are not fun, and you can really have fun with them as well but they are different fun.

There is also another about Europeans they sometimes really confuse me sometimes, I know all boys can't express they feeling, but with Latinos you kind of know where you stand. Maybe this is not for everyone like this, but this was like that for me. So lets go back to dancing of Latinos. Dancing is the main feature of Latinos, most of Latinos are amazing dancer they dance all kind of dances, but most importantly they dance for sure salsa and tango. It is not the moment when you see them you really fall for them, but the moment they grab you and start dancing with you, that is the moment when magic happens. They start to move slowly, but very sexy and then they start moving their hands over your body and then they start dancing faster and then next thing you know they start coming closer and closer to you and that is about it you are hooked.
What is still haven't said is the looks of Latinos, that is another main feature of them. I mean that tanned skin, and also with a bit of muscles and very cute faces, so cute it makes you want to kiss him. And it is really crazy but they just look so handsome and then they look at you it makes you so crazy about them.
latin7So I guess I told you quiet a lot of good things about our Latinos, but as everyone else they also have bad things. Our Latinos can get quiet jealous and in very aggressive way, that can sometimes get out of control. In this situation the best thing to do is just calm him down, and just tell him everything and give him the feeling that he can trust you.
Also when Latino wants you, he will do anything do get you and that can get sometimes too annoying and also get in the kind of stalker way. I would then just block him and just ignore him and then it will stop. So as you can see there are bad and good things about our Latinos and also Europeans, but now you know what is about Latinos that drive girls so crazy. I hope I answered all of your questions.