Let's organise our clothes

If you are into fashion like I am you must be one of those who just loves to buy new clothes again and again!! You know you probably don't need it but you still buy it. Some stuff you are drawn buy and you can't help it. But you know what sucks about shopping making place for new clothes. Normal people would probably throw away old clothes and put new clothes, but who does that actually??!! WE ain't ready to give up clothes. Well you don't have to worry about that because today I got you girl with great trick how to organise your clothes!!!

What I have learned from always not having enough space in my clothes and also working in retail is racks are the best for organising clothes. They are bigger than wardrobe but girl trust me you can fit more clothes on rack than in wardrobe. And you can make it very organising you can organise by colour and by items and this way it will be easier to make outfit and to see what you have, where with wardrobe everything is a mess. So where do we buy a rack? Some good one that will keep my clothes clean and organised!!! Funny you ask because for this post I parented up with ZIITO to show you their beautiful racks and how organising clothes can be fun!!

You can buy this model in three sizes small, medium and large depends how much of clothes you need to organise. They were kind enough to send me one of their racks to I can test it out and let you know how they are check out the model I got here. So I got the large and let me tell you it is very big but big enough to fit all of your clothes. The quality is also very good, I noticed it is not cheap rack and also this one is very important it is also very stable. I tried to see how it would look with a lot of clothes on and it was still stable so you are allowed to overdoit with clothes. To finish up this I can only say good things about this product and I would recommend anyone, who needs to organise their clothes. And here is look how this racks looks like!

As you can see with this large size because it is so big you can even mirror or chair to it if you have space and it could look good in your room. This rack is great addition to your room, it can look great as decoration as well. For me this rack is 10/10 so go get it guys before it is gone it is very good investment for your clothes! Yes I said investment because it is little bit pricy but for sure worth it!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and little bit about organising ladies we do need to be organised otherwise we won 't find these outfit that will pull all the boys hearts just joking or am I??!!

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100 positive day

so labor day 1st of May 2018 think of this day as they first labor day in you next #100days_ positive and for the rest of your life make good choices you are never to late , and you are never to early to start something #positive the time is now as a start today try to write down everything you love about yourself in big bold capital letters and then write the things you don't like in a different paper burn the paper where you wrote the things you hate . the paper that includes all the things you love stays next to your bed and you read it everyday when you first wake up and before bed. you will see the difference in many aspects of your live #positive_Motivation #positive #100days_positive #day1 


summer stay motivated

hello all dear readers today's article is a follow up on our fitness for this summer ill be giving you a few tips on how to stay motivated through out your life not just summer so lets get it started  :

1- you didn't gain/lose wight in a few weeks to loose it in a few weeks :
lets get a reality check wight lose/gain didn't happen over night therefor when you start you fitness or wight lose plan you can't give up in a few weeks because your body will take a while until it fits with the new change ( just keep going).

2- don't look for fast fix solutions :
you can do a crash diet every now and then but that cant be the bases of your health plan as all the fast fix results you will get , you will lose just as fast and the consensuses can be brutal .

3- constancy is key :
that fact is you need to but you goals on long term results rather than just the short end this will be the rest of your life so it cant hurt to work a little for your self right .

4- no good dead goes unpunished :
working out and staying healthy is really not just for your body its is also for your brain and for your psychological health as well you will be more in control of your self and feelings and you will ba able to run your life better , so its more than worth it dont you think.

5- Love you :
you may not be in a place that you want to be in right this moment , but you will get there eventually your hard work will pay off as long as you dont stop everyone is diffrent and for you to make your goals come true you must love you and love where you are , and from where you are you will learn how to be a better you.

So now that we know how to stay motivated thanks to Lisa she really knows how to motivate you, she does that with me on daily base anyways now to workouts. As I mentioned before many times we have been working on our fitness book and it is actually done just we have to make the entire layout and everything so it will take some time and we don't want to give you some cheap stuff. So because you have been waiting way too long we decided to give you already a preview and you can already start working out and see how it is for you. I have put up this also as PDF file on our shop click here so you don't have to always go back to this article so here we go:

High knee ups: 20 seconds

Squats: for beginners 30 squats/ 5 rounds, for people in between 10 days of 30 squats and for advanced 15 rounds of 30 squats

Burpees: 15 burpees

And that's the first day workout so try it out and see how it works Guys I am so excited to see your results hope you guys have fun with it.

Stay beautiful and keep smiling

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Denim overall

Random question but are denim overalls called something else? I swear I thought they were called something else well I have to go with this right now don’t know the other name anyways hey babes I hope you had great week and can relax and have little bit of time this weekend. What are your plans for weekend? I mean good party can’t kill anyone who agrees with me? Today was such a nice day it was really hot I couldn’t believe and I was debating if I should really just wear shorts overall or jeans but then I went to my balcony and it was so hot. Today I went to the city and hang out with my friend and also helped her out with her school project I mean who would thought after school I would still be doing school work!? But it was kind of fun and I do miss it little bit just doing your school work and done. Later we went to shopping street here in ZΓΌrich called Bahnhofstrasse it is pretty famous you might have heard about it. We went there to check out new sephora that opened up here in ZΓΌrich but we were there for second it was way too much people. I hate the fact when something opens up everyone goes there, I mean it is just freaking store. I don’t care that much I have enough makeup and I will just go there in a month or so when there are not so much people or Monday when everyone is working. After unsuccessful Sephora trip we went to frozen yogurt place and got some and then talked by the lake and just enjoyed the sun. Overall it was an amazing day especially that we could experience sunny weather. So today I will show you what I wore like I promise I will try to do this every week one time if you like specific time let me know I will make that happen for you! Here you go this is what I wore today:

Denim overall Riverisland | Strip t-shirt Pull&Bear | Hat H&M | Sneakers Adidas| Backpack Stradivarius | Lipstick from Clinique | Necklace from Topshop

Today I wanted outfit to be as simple as it can without many details. When I noticed it is so hot I decided on this overall, because I just love it and I haven’t wore it for a long time so I used this as opportunity to wear it. I was looking at it and I thought stripes with that would be so dope and since it was black I was like let’s go with black. The thing is with stripes the stripes in that colour of your main piece goes the best if I would put blue once it just wouldn’t go or if I would wear blue jacket and everything around the outfit would be blue but otherwise no. After this it was pretty easy I took my hat, because it just hides my hair which is always not on point and it looks super cute with casual looks, it makes them more fashionista like. For shoes I choose the superstar adidas very comfy and also since the white is bright colour it gave little brightness to the look see what I am talking about in styling tips article the same thing. For bag I took this small backpack that suits great with this denim overall, it is very girly and super cute and last I added this top shop necklace that just looks great with everything and adds little girly details to outfits to look more girly. 
So this was my look very simple, but yet very adorable and also has little girly side as well. I hope you got inspired and I am sure you will also create cute simple but yet very interesting spring looks if you do so don’t be shy to share it with us.
Wish you an amazing time over there and share with us picture from Coachella and of course your outfits
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Styling tips

Have you ever wonder when you would know some styling tips would that make your styling and creating outfits easier?Well of course tip can make your life easier and any kind of process is it making food or styling. With the tips you know what for sure goes, what will make your outfits look outstanding and more interesting even though you just threw view things from your closet and even if you want longer legs certain clothing pieces can make this happened. Anyways before we start I first want to say how to all my beautiful fashionista and yes this week have been so good so far just been working hard and doing some stuff that I will be showing you soon. I just thought of this today thought it would be also nice to change up and show you some useful tips that will help you out with any look and you can always use. This are just view tips but if you want me I can do another part of this just comment down below also one other thing make sure to check out our newest menu Subscribe click here so go and subscribe to our newsletter and if you might be only interested in fashion for example we created newsletter specific for this top so you will only be getting newsletter related fashion or you can also subscribe for general but go check it out and subscribe we would love to have you part of our family so now let’s get started:

Nude pumps: when you are not sure if some shoes would look good just go pick your nude pumps first nude goes with anything and second the nude colour is the skin colour and that’s why it will also make your legs longer

Crop top and high waisted jeans: you can’t go wrong with crop top and high waisted jeans it is very retro style and very stylish. You will be casual but also looking very stylish and also this way you can hide your tummy and rather high light your long legs or your waist

Ankle boots: this magical boots go with anything you can wear them with jeans, skirts and shorts anything and any kind of style, with this boots your looks will always look stylish.

Brighten your looks with bright coloured accessories: if you have a lot of natural colours or dark colours in your closet or even if you are feeling up to wearing these colours this day you can do this and still keep it interesting. You just need to pick up some bright coloured accessories to give it little light and also make it interesting

Denim on denim always works: when you don’t know what to wear with jeans you can’t never go wrong with denim jacket. Denim on denim looks great and if you throw some cute top your looks will look amazing

Black on black: this is just classic black on black doesn’t matter if that is just black jeans with some top or dress with leather jacket it will just look outstanding and so stylish always great way to make your black outfit interesting is throw some jewerly

Layering necklaces: to make your outfit look interesting even though it is very simple is layer necklaces either the same material like on this picture, femme with edgy or feathers with beads anything work be as crazy as you want even our icon Coco Chanel agreed on this one

Wearing leather jacket like badass: leather jacket is for sure very edgy and badass but to make it even more badass roll it up little bit and then even throw with your leather jacket look some graphic tee and ankle boots and you will be totally badass

Layering: what do you thinks looks better the skirt and shirt or skirt, shirt and this jacket? Of course the second one, more pieces it makes it interesting and unique. When you feel like the outfit is boring or is missing something just throw either jacket or some pieces and that will do the trick

Fitted bottoms with loose top: what looks also amazing is fitted bottom with loose top or other way as well. When it is skirt or shorts it makes your legs very skinny and it looks super cute and always works

When you think about it, this tips makes sense and when you keep in your head it will be easier than when you try out and realize then. Picking outfits way easy you won’t have to go through your entire closet and then afterwards need to clean it. If you enjoy this one let us know by commenting so we can do part two of this one I think it is pretty cool and helpful article and you have always use this tips.
Question of the day: How long do you need to choose your outfit? Comment down below
womend denim jacket

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Skater skirt with vans

Hey babes,
I can’t believe it is almost April the time flies by like this and it is almost spring. I feel like it was just yesterday when I was enjoying myself on my holiday in Mallorca last summer and now it’s almost the next summer. Anyways as I promised I will try to post every week one outfit post so you guys can get to know my style better because it seem I am talking all the time about fashion, but question is what is my fashion all about and also get chance to connect with you guys. Also feel free to recreate this look and send me pics I would love to see it as well. So on Monday it was pretty sunny here in Switzerland and I was so happy about it. That day I was super busy I was getting some things done in the city and later on I also meet up with my friend on her break for a coffee, but at least I did enjoy beautiful weather and here is what I wore that day.

Bomber jacket from Stradivarius | Sunglasses from Rayban | Lipstick from Maccosmetics | Tshirt from Bershka| Skirt from Bershka | Backpack from Topshop | Sneakers from Vans |Rings from Pull&Bear

It’s very casual look in kind of school girl way because of the skirt. Anyways last week I was cleaning my room and I found this skater skirt in navy striped and I actually forgot I even had it. I only wore this skirt view times and I thought this skirt needs to see more and I knew I was taking this big backpack since I was carrying a lot of stuff with me it was easier to take this backpack so I was building the entire outfit around this two things. For the t-shirt I decided on this little big glittery turtle neck t-shirt to spice things up and also it was similar colour as the backpack so it worked. The next thing I was decided on was the jacket and first I wanted to choose one of my denim jacket and guys I found out that day that I have ten different denim jacket am I crazy or what? anyways I was going for that but I thought it would be too much blue let’s go with something else so I decided to go with bomber. And at the end I decided to wear my brand new vans that I just got in this denim colour I love them so much and I am so happy that I got them in this colour instead of black colour it is way more me. For accessories I choose my blue raybans and this kind of vintage rings from Pull&Bear I think they are great detail to this outfit it gives little bit of edge . I think this outfit turned out great this is what happens when you pull out old piece in your closet greatness and new exciting outfits.
Hope you enjoyed this article and got inspired by it btw just wanted to let you know that Coachella articles are coming soon so keep your eyes on that
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