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In summer it is getting pretty hot and people I just waiting to have fun. You know when it is summer it is fun fun and all the time fun. There are so many things you can do in summer. I mean first we all are wearing less clothes and that already means good, then there is more positive vibe around and people are more happy. Everyone loves that great weather and people feel so free in the summer and they are ready to have fun it doesn't matter if it is on vacation or at home, it is always fun. Here are some fun stuff you guys can do in the summer:

1. Build a sandcastle
2. Have a wet t-shirt relay race
3. Make a music video with your friends
4. Try all kinds of sports
5. Have a picnic at local park with all of your close friends
6. Have a pool party
7. Drive a jet ski, boat, yacht, and anything you can drive on the water
8. Have summer affaire
9. Book a trip with your friends where you can party all the time and do wild things there
10. Play miniature golf
11. Go camping with your friends
12. Have sex at camping trip in tent with some stranger
13. Go on vacation with your boyfriend and have sex everywhere (on the beach, room, lobby, in the water, in toilette in restaurant, and more)
14. Go canoeing
15. Toss a Frisbee
16. Do random road trip
17. Dance in the rain
18. While on vacation go out to local bars and pretend to be someone else, maybe someone you really hate
19. Do something illegal and get caught
20. Invite your girlfriends and have dance party at your house with cocktails and beauty products
21. Have a water balloon fights
22. Organise a car wash a invite all the hotties
23. Go driving with your friends and put music very loud and sing very hard
24. Go to all the hottest parties and hook up with a lot of people
25. Go to the college parties
26. Visit water or amusement park
27. Go roller skating
28. Go horseback riding
29. Go to outdoor festivals
30. Run through the sprinkles

 These are so of fun things you can do in the summer. We are all very excited for summer and maybe also doing some things from this awesome list. There are pretty ideas on this list I really have to admit. Are you also looking forward to summer?What do you usually do in the summer? What would you like to try out? Tell us your best summer story. Comment below

Girls summer and get some action and fun out of it



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