Beach or City

Sunday, February 15, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

The beach has advantage as city too. If you live by the beach you will for sure have amazing weather the whole year, that can be a good but also a bad thing if you like change a different weather or don't like warm weather that would be disadvantage but if you are warm weather lover the beach would be great. At the beach energy is also more positive and people are more happy. You have relaxed life you don't have a lot of worries. At the beach party are so much fun and if clubs are right by beach then that is for sure fun and also with great views. At the beach life is just more enjoyable which is for some people very important. Although beach is very enjoyable, beach can't offer so much activities like city can. In the city you can go shopping very good shopping, go to the cinema, play all kind of sports, go partying in many different ways, and more. If you love doing different activities and are kind outgoing type city is probably going to be more interesting for you, but if you are slow and don't like doing too much beach is probably better. City also has more choices in food, restaurants, bars, also schools, better jobs and more positions. Because at the beach you have not a lot of choices things are also more expensive that not everyone can afford. City has different weather and when it is more interesting you can wear all kind of clothes which is fun. Also in the city you have more chance in meeting new people if you are new in the city or if you are looking to date someone. If you are kind of person who likes to relax and enjoy beautiful day at the beach and also sometimes likes to do fun different activities there are also cities with the beach. I put together the list of top 10 cities with the beach that you can visit and maybe move there if you are too bored at the beach:
1. Barcelona, Spain
2. Cape Town, South Africa
3. Honolulu, Hawaii
4. Nice, France
5. Miami Beach, Florida
6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
7. Santa Monica, California
8. Sydney, Australia
9. Tel Aviv, Israel
10. Vancouver, British Columbia

Those 10 city are very amazing I haven't been to all of them but to some I have been and I loved it, the energy there is amazing and when you get tired of city life you can always go to the beach and just relax the weather is also great not as great as at the beach but also good and different time to time.  I put Barcelona on first place, because Barcelona is my favorite city and I love this city so much it has so many amazing things. What is your favorite city wit the beach? Or do you only like city or the beach and why? Tell us your story