Guide to dress in retro style

Monday, February 23, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 2 Comments

When we talk about retro style we talk about fashion from 1940-1990. Retro is the style of the past, but once in a while we like to bring it back, because it was big party of the history of fashion. This style is very in these days, it is a bit unusual style, but also very stylish and different. I see everyday people wearing some piece that belongs to that retro style. Everyone loves to dress in retro style so here are view things you should know before you want to dress in retro style or if you one day want to be dressed a bit different.

Dresses: dresses were very different they were tight and bright dresses, just tight dresses, short and long, dresses with different prints, also with v-necks, and very classic and elegant style

Sunglasses: sunglasses in retro style are cat eye sunglasses, find as big sunglasses as you can. Rayban has great collection of retro sunglasses check them out

Jackets: funky jackets are definitely retro style

 Jeans: skinny jeans with them you can't do it wrong if you are trying to dress in retro style, a lot of people today wear them even without retro style, but make sure they kind of look vintage and a bit high wasted

Scarves: chiffon scarves, those interesting scarves with some great colours and some cute print and they kind of look older, this scarves are very retro

Lips: this picture perfectly describes how women used to make their hair and do their make up simple but beautiful. Important in retro style is to wear red lipstick as red as you can go 

Hair: they used to wear their hair very up and curls, but not too much curls. They wore either pompadours, ponytails or ducktails and they all look similar to this one

Skirt: retro style is also poodle skirts, they wore this skirts that a bit longer and down bright

Fedars jackets: fedars jacket is typical for retro style, they wore them a lot, but in different way. You can wear that jacket with some cute high wasted skinny jeans

Bell bottoms jeans: these jeans are very great and they are very retro you should try to find them in any vintage store and maybe in some lighter colours. 

Tops: geometric print crop tops are great with poodle skirt or any jeans and they are also retro style. They used love those tops. It actually looks pretty cool

 Bikini: they used to wear high wasted bikinis and if you wear them you will look very retro.

These are view things about retro you pay attention to, but there are view other things. The retro style they used have and we have now are different things they used to have clothes with a lot of neon colour make sure to balance neon with neutrals, trench coats are also good for retro style, and coloured tops. As we know and also I wrote in last post polka dots are very retro style so get playful with polka dots it won't hurt to have too many polka dots in one outfit and glitter dresses in one colour also retro and it doesn't matter if it is mini dress or longer dress. This was very fun I love fashion of the past and I sometimes also dress like this, it is such a great style and I hope you enjoyed reading it. 



Retro so great, love it that last picture the bikini looks great

Retro so great, love it that last picture the bikini looks great