Spring/Summer trends

Sunday, February 22, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 1 Comments

We have seen amazing trends this winter from amazing and talented designers, but that spring and summer are coming up we have to know what to wear this spring and summer, what will be in so that we know to buy some new hot clothes for spring and summer. We girls have to always look good, but also wear the latest trends it is not good to be seen in something that is not in at the moment. So girls read this carefully and make notes and then you have to go to the hottest stores and buy new clothes.
Here are all coming up trends for this spring and summer:

Denim: this spring and summer clothes in jeans will be very in. It doesn't matter if it is skirt, short, jeans, jacket or dress. Make sure to have view denim items  in your clothes and you can mix it up with some cute accessories 

Fringe: this is very seventies style and it will be in, swimsuit, shorts, dress, shoes, accessories and even tops with fringe and in the summer it looks very good in any colours.

Feathers: who doesn't love feathers? they look so good especially this summer and spring. Is it dress, shoes with feathers or just feather accessories that will suit great with your outfit you got to have some of those in your closet. 

Suede: very trendy this season suede clothes especially coats, it looks very good with some badass boots. 

Khaki: Khaki colour is very in this year, it looks very good with anything.

Gihgam print: these beautiful print is in this season

White sneakers: this season we are also trying to be a bit sporty with white sneakers make sure to get one 

White and black: black and white are the in colours, ether wear them together or white on white or black on black

Bohemian dress: these dresses are very stylish and looks good in summer but also in spring with some cool sunglasses, they are kind of gypsy style and everyone is wearing them this season

Judo belt: this judo belt looks good with dresses or some long shirts and you can wear it with some simple high heels and all the cool kids are wearing them these days

Shirt dress: this shirt dress that kind of looks like dress, looks very good with high heels or also sandals and it is good for warm weather 

Kimonos: on this picture it doesn't really look like kimono but it is, and it is used to be a jacket, but you can use like a dress and it is in at the moment 

Lace: lace is it dress or top or something else it looks great with some accessories and it very in and stylish

Wide leg pants: these wide leg pants have always be in style, but this year they have been spotlight of the fashion and every fashion icon is wearing them

Platform high heels: platforms they are always looking great with anything is it dress, shorts, skirt or just some hot leather trousers but this year you girls have real reason for wearing them, it is the trend for this spring and summer and if you don't have pair of them go and get view of them

Jumpsuits: jumpsuits are great, they are very casual and you can mix them up with some cute accessories. This one on picture is elegant, but they are also more casual jumpsuits

Metallics: dress in metallic are great for night out with your girls, the colour makes the dress shine so bright and with that dress you don't need any accessories

Red: red is now also the it colour this season, the red is great colour and you can mix it up with a lot of other colours

Polka dots: this year the polka dots are back with black and white. A lot of people are wearing dresses with black and white polka dots

Overalls: overalls are also very big part of this year, especially the jeans overalls. They looks good with leather jacket and some sneakers 

Poncho: we all love ponchos it keeps you worm during the cold days but you don't feel so fat with it. As I heard everyone is wearing this Burryberry poncho that looks good with anything, but all in general ponchos are in is it the Burrberry one or is it some other

Shoulders dresses: this season dresses with off the shoulder and bold one shoulder necklines are in and this looks very powerful and sexy. Girls go to the stores and get those dresses to feel sexy

Modern Safari: this season a lot of designers had safari in their minds with khaki dresses, poncho coats, fern prints and more adventurous piece that looks amazing. Don't be afraid to be adventurous because that is so in this season 



Katy this is awsome oh I love them all! channel snikers!! a pncho!!! they're brilliant... the overall!! I already got one... <3 <3 <3