Things you have to try at college

Monday, February 23, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 1 Comments

College is great for experience new things and doing something different. At college it is not only about studying and it also not about just partying. College you also learn a lot, meet friends with whom you will be friends for live, you experience a lot of new things, travel, see new places, and also have fun party and you do unusual things and you make amazing memories there. College is place where people grow and learn a lot of stuff, make a lot of mistakes and learn from them and try to figure out what they want to do with their lives.Most people just spend four years at college and those four years go by quicker then you think, and there are some things every college student should try. I made a bucket list for college student to try at college:

1. Crash a party where you don't know anyone
2. Fool around with someone at library- by fooling around I mean hooking up, kissing and more
3. Spend your weekends drinking the whole day with your friends
4. Break view rules by sneaking into somewhere restricted on campus
5. Study abroad
6. Go out everyday for a week and try all the drinks
7. Hook up with someone random
8. Go to frat parties
9. Play beer pong at frat house
10. Go to homecoming
11. Attend a student protest or demonstration
12. Go on blind date
13. Throw a dorm party
14.  Go on spring break that you will never forget
15. Learn your alcohol limits by trial and error
16. Sit in class you are not even taking
17. Go to open mic and sing something
18. Go to the big game bonfire and cheer as hard as you can
19. Date some popular frat boy
20. Do spontaneous trips
21. Get together with friends and study all night and then at the middle of night cook something together and then eat and laugh very hard about nothing
22. Do keg stand
23. Have as much sex as you can with a lot of different people and try new things in bed
24. Dance on tables
25. Go to karaoke, get very drunk and sing a song you don't even know
26. Have the best 21st birthday party
27. Join sorority or fraternity
28. Do skinny dipping somewhere at campus
29.  Show up to the class drunk or hangover
30. Do girls night and do with your friends wild things

This was mine bucket list for college student, so tell me do you go the the college? and have you tried some of those things? or what things would you like to try? Write below in comment we are looking forward to reading about your experiences at college