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If you don't put any makeup on and you are now thinking of starting to do a makeup and just simple makeup you might want to sit down a write it down what you will need. I put together all the basic makeup items a girl need for a makeup for normal make up just enough to look pretty not too much and this is not makeup for night it is very simple.

1. Bronzer: Bronzer is used to get yourself a bit of colour a bit tanned colour it looks better so. I use the TooFaced and H&M bronzer, but the Sephora has also great quality of bronzer and it is not so expensive
2. Lipstick: The most important thing is lipstick, when it comes to makeup that is the one thing that makes your face shine and you should look what colour is best for you and suits you the best and get at Maccosmetics, because they really have the best quality, but also some other labels have good once like TooFacedUrbandecay and Narscosmetics and also you can get at high-end brand like Chanel, Dior and more
3. Eyeshadow Palette: If you only need makeup for a day and maybe sometimes for a night you will for sure need naked palette from Urbandecay they have really great palettes and they are known for their famous naked palette that has only natural colours eyeshadows that looks good during the day but also at night if you mix it up with some darker colours, they also have great palettes that have more darker colours for night. I would suggest to get this here but there are also other brands that have great palettes. 
4. Blush-Bronzer: This two gives colours gives you great colour of bronzer that you can add to your cheeks and will look very good. This brown and red-ish look just great together and Narscosmetics has great quality of blush bronzer you can also get it at some local stores, but the quality of this one is the best
5. Eyeliner: By adding eyeliner to lash line it makes your eyes pop and look very pretty. I would say to put some brown or a natural colour of eyeliner so it doesn't look too dark and especially when you are putting it during the day, dark eyeliner can really make eyes look tacky. You can get great fancy brown eyeliners at UrbandecayTooFaced and Narscosmetics
6. Mascara: Macara is also very important to your makeup and every girl should own one by age of 12, that dark longer lashes makes your eyes pop and make them look bigger and that is pretty. I would get a mascara at LorealSephoraMaccosmetics and Urbandecay
7. Brushes: Brushes is something you really need to make a flawless makeup you will need for basic makeup blush or powder brush, shadow brush, blending brush, angled brush for liner and brows, and smudged brush and you can get them at any store I really like the brushes from UrbandecaySephora and TooFaced
8. Foundation: The one of first things you put when you do your makeup and it is with natural colour and it is creamy you can easily add to your face. It makes your face softer and has a bit of colour that looks better in my opinion Maccosmetics has definitely the best foundation   
9. Concealer: Every girl need concealer to hide all skin blemishes. I usually put concealer when I have finished with foundation and bronzer if I can see those areas or not. 

This are things girls you have to get to do basic normal makeup or any makeup, every girl who wants to look pretty has to get those items. What is your favourite beauty brand? How do you do your makeup? Do you know any of the brands I mentioned in this article? I hope I was help to you next time it will be makeup tutorial so you girls know how to do makeup if you don't know yet.


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