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Be a man a phrase that we normally hear when someone is trying to get somebody to be strong, but the reality it should be "BE A WOMEN".
And  will share the rezones why with you all on why are women are actually physically much stronger than men , now no one can deny that men have more muscles and that in a race they may blast faster but they can't keep it up for as long like a girl .
And here are the very few rezones on why men should be women:
1- High and extreme tolerance for injuries:
and you see that a lot in sports while guys cry like crazy because they just fell yah it happens a lot, on the other hand a girl gets injured in a game and even bleed and they be like its ok I can stay play so who's the girl now bitches.
2-Illnesses :
 everyone in the world have seen this sight men act like all hell broke loose when they have a simple flue and they can't move, while girls just make a cup of tea and go about their normal lives as if nothing is up.
3- Better at multi-tasking :
that's why all guys are afraid of girls taking their jobs , it's because whenever a girl takes over she covers all sides and aspects of the work perfectly , unlike men who can only focuses on doing one task at a time, that's why women are better doctors , lawyers …etc and the list goes on check the latest polls if you don’t believe me boys.

 4-better presidents:
In Brazil, Argentina and many African countries when women took over the big chairs the solved problems that many men could not solve for many many years m such as" Aalen Johnson Serlif" who ended a war in her country with not even one droop of blood , and that is just an example for women's huge insight to things.
5- better pain tolerance :
 now men may handle short term pain but they can never take long term pain such as "chilled berth" it's not just the berth it’s the fact that they have to carry another human in their body for 9 months , even though it can literally crash their bodies !!
Than alone crashes all man bower , any guy that says that he is strong I say try to get pregnant , also women can handle hanger, cold temperate , stress better than men
Also women period witch no can say it's easy , and who even dose say that stab him in the stomach multiple times then let's see how he feels that's if he is still alive ; and to add to it get stabbed for at least a week .
6-better immune system:
Without any question in the world, women are better at fighting viruses and illnesses, and women have better survival rate then men after all god made us this way because our lives are more important daaaaaaaaaaah.
7-better martial artists:
Yes, you girls read it right girls are faster, quick on their feet, more flexible, and have better Knowles of their surroundings, faster learners as well.
And I don’t mean wrestling or any of those dum non-thinking fighting sports, I mean real martial arts, and in that case extra muscles that men have can be a handicap.
Now the rezone everyone thinks that men are stronger is due to a society bullshit , and men being caught it up in their own heads (dicks),but from reading this article all men are going to want to be women because 
guys your muscles don’t mean shit sugar.
8-high standers :
all men say oh women are to needy and to demanding and blah blah blah, no you idiot its called standers and every girl should have them and never have anything less , it's no women's fault that men have low standers and only have their heads in their pants women unfortunately expect more than a dick.

now after all of that be proud of your gender go and "BE A WOMEN"