Kayla Workout Program Monday Weeks 5&7

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As I started last week with Kayla workout program it continues and this week because at this point when you can to first do this workout we are already at the point where we can do harder exercises you can see it gets harder but don't worry you can do it. This week these exercises are the same you do them 2-3 time but I would do them 3 times the LISS you do 4-5 times and 1 rehabilitation. This is for weeks 5-8. And this is for all the weeks: Weeks 1-4: 2-3 resistance these are the workout I give you on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 2-3 LISS walking and 1 rehabilitation then for weeks 5-8 I already give you and then for last weeks Weeks 9-12: 3-4 resistance, 2-3 LISS, 1-2 HIIT it is running or machines in gym and 1-2 rehabilitation. This is how it should look like. Here is how workout for weeks 5&7 looks like hope you guys enjoy it:

Circuit 1:
15 sumo jump squats
15 weighted wide squats on bench
15 burpees
30 or 15 per leg weighted step ups
after 7 minutes break:
Circuit 2:
30 or 15 per leg jump lunges
15 medicine ball crab walk
24 or 12 per leg weighted walking lunges
2 minutes skipping

Here is the explanation to these workouts
And I almost forgot don't forget to come back on Wednesday and check out another workout

Sumo jump squats: Plant both feet on the floor wider than shoulder width point feet slightly outward. Looking straight ahead, bend at both the hips and knees. Continue bending your knees until your upper legs are parallel wit the floor. Lean your body forward slightly so that you are able to place your hands on the floor in front of you. Push up through your heels, propel your body upwards into the air, extend your legs whilst in the air before landing back into sumo squat position. 

Weighted wide squats on bench: Start by placing two plat benches vertically on either side of you. Collect a heavy weight and firmly grasp it with both hands and step up onto the benches. Turn your feet out on a 45 degree angle like a duck! Looking straight ahead, bend at both hips and knees. Continue bending your knees until your upper legs are parallel with the floor. Once the bottom of the weight is slightly lower than the bench push up through your heels.

Burpees: more explanation here

Weighted step ups:  more explanation here

Jump lunges:  explanation here

Medicine ball crab walk: for this exercise I couldn't find a photo but it is easy. You put hand and legs together straight and in your hands you hold medicine ball you open your legs and then them in duck position stand up again and do it all over again

Weighted walking lunges: explanation here

Skipping: explanation here

So this was for weeks 5&7 Monday workout don't give up just keep motivating yourself and enjoy it. Keep telling yourself I can do it and I know you can do it. You girls are strong and you will look so amazing after this and feel great.


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