make up mood

Sunday, March 29, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Most of the world thinks that girls dress up and wear make up …etc , to get guy's attention well sorry to all the boys in the world (WRONG WE DON'T),I mean really do you think we spend all that time to look good for a dick BUfffffffff.
Girls only dress up for guy's like 5% of the time or even less.
And that might be a shocker for some people but, all girls know it's true.
The real desire that women have for make-up started when the world came to life, we are females and we like to look like females, getting our hair ,nails , dressing up has everything to do with a women's look to herself and her 
confidante and can affect her attitude throughout the day.
make up is the fastest and the most changing method that can affect the girl's mood, there for we have a few types of makeup modes:
- everyday make up:
girls wear everyday make up just for the little pip in the step while going to work or school usually with little 
or no major colors , but maybe a strong red lips or nails .

- girls night make up:
hen going out with your girls you are going to wear your craziest wildest make up , or if you want to try new different colors then get wild with your girls.
- classic make up:
 now sometimes you just feel classic you want to put on the red lipstick and the eyeliner like Marlin Manoro  , and feel classically sexy and very feminine with a dress perfect classy sassy look.

-Aggressively sexy make up :
ever felt like you are a sexy bomb shell and just blasting of women hood , and you wanna wear heavy eyes make up and strong full lips go for it and embrace your aggressive womanhood .

-funky :
and this look girls go for when they feel they wanna brake their habits or style going into a whole different direction than what they are used to and its great way to step out of your comfort zone in a good way.
No matter what mood you are in do what makes you happy and fuck what the world thinks.