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Spring is almost here we might not feel it but it is coming soon. We are so excited about aren't we!!! Spring is my second favourite season of the year my favourite is still summer. I love it because it is great weather not too warm or too cold though I like warm and you can mix it up clothes you can wear jeans but also cute skirts and dresses with some allstars and also some denim jackets. You can wear a lot of stuff in spring and it is so great and I love it as because in spring we wear kind of clothes with flowers and light colours like baby pink or light blue very simple colours. I do have to admit that I wear a lot of dresses in the spring it is so comfortable and spring dresses always look good with anything am I not right? So I thought why not write fun article about spring dresses they are anyways my favs dresses, but I also know that some of you might have lower budget than others so I set up budget for this article and it is 100 $ I think that is affordable, it could be lower, but if you want cute spring dress and also good quality you will need to spend around 50 and up but if you find great spring dress in that budget you won't have to buy 1000 of cheap dresses that will be ruined after you wear them couple of times. I rather buy one expensive dress and have it longer than 1000 cheap dresses, but probably won't look that good. Here are spring dresses that I picked out from my favourite stores:

Peppermayo: Happy go lucky dress with stripes for 43$. I think this dress is great with those stripes and those two colours really look good together and also have you guys noticed her shoes pretty great with this dress

Dragonberry: Havana dress for 38$. I love everything about this picture but mostly the dress love they put together those colours kind pink with blue and I like that this dress is elegant but can also be casual. You can wear this jacket this some denim jacket or some cute sandals

Dissh: Jadon long sleeve babydoll dress for 46$. This dress is gypsy style and I love those long sleeves that are right you can totally wear this dress with some sneakers but not like nike or sneakers for running or sandals would work too and boots.

Hunteddreams: Tessa dress in white 42$. This dress is so simple and looks so pretty. I would rock this dress with jacket in pastel coral it will look amazing. I would wear this dress with some high heels or sandals

Modlook29: Marry Ann stappy bodycon dress for 49$. This dress is more for going out and would look amazing with leather jacket and some smoky eyes makeup and then mix it a little up with some wild accessories.

Beginningboutique: Over the rainbow dress for 46$. I love those pastel colours and all put together and love that up it is very tight and then down it is bright. This dress is perfect for everyday you can wear it with allstarts, some higheels or even sandals, but be careful when you put jewellery on because this colours are already enough maybe something simple

Whitefoxboutique: Avenue dress multi for 47$. The moment I saw this dress I fell in love with it. I mean look at those colours and I don't know why but lately I am so into long sleeves and this is very spring like and like that it is without shoulder. I think this dress is enough so you don't have to put too much work into your outfit just some simple one coloured shoes and some small bag

Tigermist: Feeling flashy dress for 23$ on sale otherwise it is 47$. This dress is so simple just one colour without sleeves and this dress you can wear with anything. I would wear with some cute blazer maybe in white colour and also it would be so adorable with allstars very teens like

Lookbookstore: White crochet hem dress in white for 27$. Such a simple dress with little lace on it to mix it a little bit up. It would look great with some jewellery and high heels but not too high

Missguided: Mauira tropica skater dress for 30$. Wow I love this colour look at this green colour. I don't really like skater dresses but this one really is good one the style is also teens like you can wear it with money some black shoes or any darker colour because this one is already light colour that would look weird another light colour in outfit and hat would also look great with this dress

Muraboutique: Middle ground dress for 16$. Very business like but also very stylish. Because dress is rich by herself you don't need too much stuff to put on this hat is enough for accessories and then put some high heels on black one, maybe sandals high heels that would looks really great and that would be already enough.

Stylejury: The Splendid playsuit for 43$. This dress looking amazing I mean look at those colours even though there are a lot of colours they all suit perfectly good together. This is perfect spring dress and I would just be careful if I put jacket what colour and shoes as well I would some dark colour would look better.

So this was 12 spring dresses in lower budget. I choice only dresses I really liked and would also wear.  Spring dresses are with a lot of flowers and light colours like pastel colours are typical for spring dresses and just light and simple dresses. This way you can put quickly an outfit together. What is your favourite dress from this article? Do you like wearing dresses? What are your favourite colours and style of dresses? Comment below happy to read your comments


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