Stores for women in their 20's

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As you all know I have passion for fashion, and not only have passion I also know a lot about fashion. And I am always trying to learn things about it and find out the latest trends. I always search for new and unique stores that I can buy trendy clothes that are suitable for my age and my style. I would say my style is kind of girlie and always with the latest trends and with a bit of badass looks because I love you wear my leather jacket. From my experience with searching for some cool stores I noticed that Australia has the best online shop and all of them are very unique in their own way and USA and UK have great stores that you can go and shop there. Those stores are probably worldwide popular by their name and they all have a little something in common with each other like topshop, forever21, bershka and more. You can also find great stores in a lot of big cities but it is not likely that you will find them all in one in just one city, but in UK like in London you have all those stores for women with 20 something and also in USA like in Los Angeles and also all big cities there. Women in their 20 something do really like to be dressed girlie but also to be very trendy and be up to date with latest fashion trends and also don't like to dress too serious I mean elegant or to make them look too old so because I am also in my 20's and I know what we girls in our 20's like to buy and what kind of style we have I am going to give you inside where women in their 20's can shop. I am not saying every women in their 20's dress this way there are some who like to dress more elegant and some more rock n roll but most of my friends that are in 20's dress this way:

1. Hunted dream: online shop based in Australia, that sells dresses, skirts, playsuits with light colours very girlie and also with lace details
2. Chichime: online shop based in America, that sells clothes like dresses, swimwear, tops, jumpsuits accessories and more and they are all about it girl style everything a cute girl that knows a bit about fashion would wear
3. Bershka: is store that has stores all over the world, bershka is owned by zara just for younger people. In bershka you can find very fun stuff great tops, a lot of denim stuff very women in their 20's, maxi dresses, cute skirts with flowers they have a lot of clothes with flours very girlie, but then sometimes also very badass with awesome leather jackets and clothes with darker colours. They clothes are kind of casual clothes not too serious and they aim for younger target market.
4. Forever21:  is also very popular clothing company that has stores in a lot of places. As the name says for girls in their 20's selling different types of dresses, playing around with colours, sweaters, jeans, shorts skirts and clothes look simple
5. Pullandbear: it is also one of those companies that is owned by zara just targeting younger people. Their clothes are casual and laid-back and accessories as well mostly clothes for younger people. They have as well Bershka has clothes with graphic elements and text on clothes. Their style is very urban 
6. Stradivarius: stravivarius also belongs to zara but is more with style for younger people. Stradivarius also has similar clothes like bershka and pull&bear very urban style, casual. They sell from sweters to summer girlie dresses. They are also known for their clothes with graphics or some text on 
7. Urbanoutfitters: is American clothing stores that sells clothes from different brands. Urbanoutfitters is also quiet popular with women in their 20's but is more like hipster style. Kind some unusual clothes but I think you can also find very girlie clothes there view years back I found very girlie top there and it didn't look very hipster like.
8. Topshop: is English clothing company that is for young people and is also like bershka and others but you can also find clothes vintage like longer skirts very retro tops, but they are also known for they tops with text 
9. Americanapparel: is American clothing company that designs and advertise their own products. They make legging, tops, tank tops, socks, skirts, dresses, also very vintage style and with bright colours 
10. Beginningboutique: is an Australian online shop and it is my favourite online shop. They sell dresses, tops, skirts, accessories. It is very girlie style with light colours kind of coral and their clothes have nice details like lace and it is very simple
11. Peppermayo: is also an Australian online shop that sells girlie clothes and accessories. They sell cute dresses and other stuff in very unique style with nice colours and very chic. 
12. Dragonberry: this shop is also very dear to my heart bought a lot of stuff here as well and it is also Australian online shop.And also is in girlie style that sells clothes and accessories a lot of clothes with flowers and nice simple pieces.



These are some shops where you girls can buy cute stuff for yourself there are more stores out there, but in this stores I mostly buy cute clothes and that are not so expensive as well. I love all of them because you can always buy there cute girlie pieces in these stores and they make very simple clothes that you can mix it up with anything, because they are simple and not too many colours and light or coral colours and I love those colours. What's your style? Where do you like to shop? Do you like to shop online or in store? Who is your favourite brand? Comment below