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Those tag article are quiet popular so we thought to do it too. This time we put together couple of great things is brown colour.

1. Naked Palette:If you have been reading our blog you know I love the naked palette by urbandecay. At this moment it is really must have items for every girl. It is very great quality and they have all natural colour which I really like, because you can use in day and also in night when you go out they. 
2. High heels with fringe details: this high heels are very in this season. All the girls are wearing them it looks great with some maxi dress or skinny jeans.
3. Chanel boy bag: chanel has always been in, but this boy bag is at this moment very in. You can get this great bag in many other colours like dark green is also very great, but I have do admit I adore this colour and this bag is going to be next great thing I buy. I feel bag like this you can wear in summer season, but also in winter
4. Shorts denim: everything denim is in and especially now that summer in coming up denim shorts every girl should have at least one cute shorts like denim and it also looks good in different colours and I think this brown colour gives it a bit of edge. People think brown in so fall colour but I think it can also look great in summer with some colourful shirts.
5. Dolce&Gabanna perfume: this perfume is so great it smells so good. It is more for special events and it has really great feeling.
6. Mac lipstick: Mac cosmetics has great lipstick the quality is the best. It is a bit expensive, but it is so worth it. This brown coloured lipstick can be used during the day at school or work it is natural colour so it works good with anythings.
7. Hat: It is stylish to wear a hat with some denim shorts and some cool sunglasses. It is kind of like accessories and this brown hat looks good with some natural colours.
8. OPI Nailpolish: OPI have the best quality for nail polishes if you are looking for quality when you are buying the nailpolish you should go to opi. They might be expensive, but they are very good. This brown colour can be used when you go to work not too much and you can wear anything with it. It is easy to mix up clothes with it
9. Rayban Sunglasses: who doesn't love rayban. They make great sunglasses from young teens to old and middle aged people everyone buys raybans. They are simple and looks kind of good. This are just normal type of rayban in brown colour I would not wear brown sunglasses, but if you have clothes with light colours it can look good.
10. Mexi dress: maxi dresses look elegant and they are very comfy. You can wear them to some fancy restaurant but also when you go to the beach. We wear maxi dresses usually in summer.
11. Toofaced blush: blush you need for basic makeup like everyday makeup during the day makeup. Abyways toofaced has one of the best blushes and it is quiet good, the quality and I don't think it is that expensive. You really need it, if you want to do makeup
12. Backpack fringe: As I said everything with fringe is very in so is the backpack it looks cute in the summer and it is good if you have a lot of stuff in your bag. 

What did you like the most about this article? What is your favourite item I wrote about? Comment below 


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