Ten tips

Sunday, March 29, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

So coming from a sport back round, I will share some simple tips with you all today about working out, eating, body shape.

First things first : if you are trying to lose weight "Always aim to be fit not thin", everyone is like I want to get thin that’s not very useful because you will end up with the same weak or even weaker body than before.

Being healthy and fit has far more advantages than just a great looking body you will also have great hair great skin and nails as your eating right you hole body is using the food all over and not storing it , and yah a better orgasm girls.

So let's start with the tips :

1-Always worm up:

 never go into a work out without worming up before as you can get hurt and your body will not take full advantage of the work out, worm up can be 5-3minites of running in place ,walking , rope jumping or anything that can get you muscles worm and your heart rate up.

2-Eating after your work out is better than eating before:

 Especially at the morning if you have to chose then eat after your work out as your body will use the food as energy , but don’t eat just anything protein meals are the beast after a workout or chocolate milk and always drink water or vitamin water as you want after the workout as well.

 And if you can eat before the work out it's even better healthy complex carbohydrates are the way to go to give you instant energy like oatmeal.

So we should eat before and after we work out but if we had to chose then after is better.

3-Never work out every day:

 you need to give your body a brake and let it heal for 1-2 days a week over working out can make \things worse , but that’s no excuse to be lazy on your off-days you should also move to keep in shape so 30-45mint walks or running is highly recommended or you can do rope jumping as well and 30min dancing is always a great fun work out .

4- Eat, eat, and eat:

If you looking to lose weight of get in shape you need to eat , when you don’t eat on a regular bases you body stores fat thinking that its famine and there will not be any more food, and it slows down your metabolism just like bares during winter times; now your body is just taking care of you so say thank you for your body .

Now you should regulate your food like eating every 2-4hrs everyday at the same time that will make you body release the energy as it doesn't have to store it anymore makes since right??.

Also try to eat clean healthy food ofc and yah here is a nice trick to keep a flat stomach don’t eat anything larger than the size of your fist in each meal as that keeps you stomach from over stretching and blooding.

5- Exercise :

Now no matter if your thin of overweight work out is important for your body even if you are in good shape, it gives you a right form to you body , better blood circulation, stronger bones, stronger immune system , you heal injures and infections faster , more energy throughout the day , higher I.Q , better looking skin hair and 
nails , better sex life and the most thing everyone wants is to look young and fresh all the time and live longer.

6- Switch it up:

Don’t do the same boring work out for months at a time do different workouts that challenges your body into new situations that you feel you can handle ofc , do different work outs that targets different body arias at the same time to get better effect .

7-water power:
Drink a lot of water during the day stay hydrated you can always add some lime ,mint leaves, and grained ginger to it so it can be a weight lost drink .

In addition, cold water is better to drink than warm water as the body burns some calories heating it up.


And I know it seems odd but in the heat of the intense work out moments sometimes you forget to take a  breath and that’s why sometimes you feed light headed and dizzy , a good way to remember to breath it to breath when you do the move and exhale when you finish it and take a deep breath after you finish the work out set.


After your work out stretching is Very important it relaxes the muscles and gives them more flexibility and most important helps reduce muscle after workout pain, also a good way to do that is to drink watermelon juice its helps release the pain a pit.

10-It's not a number it’s a life :

If you will work out just to reach a number on a scale then Stop it you should walk in with the mentality that you will be doing this tell you no longer can breath , its weight its you life and how you decide it will be