Types of shoes you should be wearing this summer

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Summer is coming soon!! or at least I hope so because in Switzerland you never know when it is going to be warm or cold such a weird weather here. We girls need to know what to wear this time and to look our best. While ago I talked about what will be in this spring and summer, but I didn't talk about the shoes. Shoes are important item in outfit, sometimes shoes make your outfit complete and you have to know what is in and what is not, to know what to avoid and what to wear. Shoes are important and you don't want to mess your whole outfit because of the wrong shoes so here I give you the latest shoe trends of the summer:

Feathery shoes: look at this beauties looking so good with this jeans. It doesn't have to be high heels or so many feathers, shoes with feathery details are also fine and you can mix it up with a lot of items.

Wedges or Platform shoes: this is just haven look at this dark blue coloured platforms. Platforms have been in for while and honest my favourite types of shoes and they will still be in this season. Girls can't you wait to wear cute platforms with some cute dresses this summer??

Flats:  flat are just so comfy and we love wearing them. This season all kind of flats are in from espadrille, classic flat and this one on picture kind of open and look so stylish.  

High heeled sandals: this sandals are simple are they look so elegant. This kind of high heeled sandals are now in more simple and lady like. You could wear with boyfriend jeans it looks great or some cute dress try out and see what looks the best

T-Strape shoes: this kind of shoes are always going to be in. This high heels looks great and you can wear them with anything jeans, skirt, dress or even shorts just see it is looks good with all of the items. This once on photo look great this colour and all the details suit great.

Leather shoes: from leather sandals to leather flats everything goes this season make sure to have one pair of shoes that is leather. 

Animal skin shoes: this has also been trendy in previous years. You can wear high heels or sandals or just classic shoes it looks great with one coloured items and better dark colour.

Gladiator sandals: from short, middle length till long sandals they are all stylish and you should get one. Looks great with skirt or shorts and even dress. Mix it up with some accessories and cool bag.

Frinige shoes:  doesn't matter if they are high heels, sandals or flats they all look great and they are in this summer. And good thing is you can wear them with anything if you put all the items good together.

Flatforms: this shoes look a lot like platforms but are more comfy and they are flat. They looks pretty cool and you can wear them with middle length dress or skirt with some light colours would be nice.

This are shoes that will be in this season. I like that all of those shoes can be mixed up with anything just try out how it looks and see what is the best. These trends are quiet flexible and look great with anything. With those shoes you don't need too much accessories because shoes are already like accessories as you can see they are very unique. I hope you enjoyed this article and hope you will look amazing this summer with this great shoes. Stay tune for more fashion articles


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