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Wednesday, April 29, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 7 Comments

We all are very busy and no one has all day to their makeup or get dressed or hair , so in this article ill give you some of the tips that I use to always be on time and still look hot as hell.
Clothes :
Getting dressed in the morning is always a buzz, so when you don’t have the time to think  grape three things jeans ,jacket, heels you can do this look 1000 times and it will not get old .
If its morning take a colorful shirt under a black or white or beige jacket ,any jeans color you first lay your eyes on , and black or nude heels this look is for work school or any where if you are going to school switch the heels with your favorite Convirce All Star shoes and the fun thing jewelry is optional wear whatever goes with your style .
If the thing you are going to is fancier, replace the shirt with a tight fitted one or a lace shirt and wear a long chain nickels or anything you like.

Make up:
And there will be a more detailed fast make up but for now I'll give some nice look  .
If its morning you can chose a BB cream of your choice and a powder that’s all you need for the face, take a black waterproof eyeliner pencil above your lash line and on the upper- inner rim of your eye , take a white or soft sliver eyeliner into the inner lower lash line and set it with a similar color of eye shadow and apply mascara on both lash lines ,with some colorful gloss and get out the door.
For evening you don’t have to change much but if your BB cream is wearing off take a baby whip and remove it (recommended) and any other access from the eyeliner as well,use a very bendable liquid concealer all over your face as you see needed add some plush , you can go over your previous black lash line with the same pencil liner or with a liquid one add a black or the same white liner to your lower lash line and smudge it a little and a stronger lips color , if you can apply another coat of mascara , and done .
Hair :
Now this is our big deal here girls, I suggest that you straight or curl your hair on the night before as it does not take much work later on, and you can just touche it up in the morning.

- Braided bun:
If you have long hair this is perfect, take your hair into a pony tail and thigh it , braid your hair a regular braid make sure it is a firm braid and secure the end of it with small elastic.
Now wrap your braid roundly around the base of that ponytail braid and as you go around secure it with some pins as you need tell you reach the end and hide any hair ends with pens now you can just leave it like this if you want or you can place and accessory on it all up to you.
-curly fun:
Curls are one of the best things to do with hair, now can do it with the curling iron the old fashion way of a more random way.
I suggest that you moisturize your hair well the night before so it doesn't get dry and frizzy when you wash at morning.
Wash your hair and while it is still wet apply some hair gel or a curling hold product move it all around you hair , then the fun begins weather you can shake your hair up and down or all around or you can take each small section and curl it with your finger (your choice) depending on how much time you have , when you see that the curls look ok give it a small hair spray puff and that’s it.
If the curls aren’t very regular its fine you can have your hair up in lose pun and some small scarf on it and no one well notice , it will look very classy and fun at the same time.
A loose French /fishtail braid:
It's very nice and classy you can do different looks with it and it's an all time look, you can see how to do the basic braid in the links below and just don’t make it so tight or make it tight as you want:
If you try any of those 5mintes tips and you like it tag us on instgram @Nakedlydressed.



Artdicted 2 said...

This braided bun hairstyle looks so great, but I always get up soo late that I don't even have time for that simple hair (:
Nati xx

Artdicted 2 said...

I was already following you on bloglovin, I'm so stupid sometimes, just forgot (; I love the fact that you're from three different countries, that's so unique!
Nati xx

Haha yes true we need get up earlier to get everything done :) you have great blog I have been reading it for a while

the bun really takes less than 5 mints if you are used to doing a braid , trust me am the most lazy one ever when it comes to do my hair give it a try .

Artdicted 2 said...

Thank you so much, it means a lot to me!

Artdicted 2 said...

Haha, I just love sleeping so much (; I'll give this hairstyle a try, I promise XD

we all love sleeping is there anything better to do come on ,try it and don't forget to take a pic and show us .