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We girls always got to look the best and that means from makeup to skin and of course clothes as well. It's is not always easy to look best especially when you don't have enough time to get ready that is why thorough the years I find out some great tricks that will not only help save time but also make me look better and also not spend a lot of money to look good. I use most of those tricks and they always work out great for me so try out and let me know how it works for you and also if you have any trick of your own share with us we are always happy about new beauty tricks we can't ever get enough of those. So let's get right to it

Hand cream for softer cream: if you feel like your hair is not soft enough take a bit or any cream hand cream baby cream and put in your hair and combine your hair it will feel very soft

 Conditioner instead of shaving cream: if you don't have shaving cream at home or don't want to waste money on expensive shaving cream you can just shave your legs with some conditioner and actually for me it is better this way and you can see better what you are shaving with conditioner on

Make your lips bigger with eyeliner: if you want bigger lips but don't really want to waste your money on plastic surgery it quiet easy what you have to do take eyeliner that has similar colour of your skin and start drawing your lips and down and up but of course don't draw them on corners of your lips when you are happy with size of your lips but your lipstick on matte lipstick are not good for this techniques because you can see thorough the drawing

Bigger eyelashes: if you don't like to put on every day false eyelashes you can just put your mascara on and then dry them with hairdryer it will make them bigger

Bigger or slimmer nose: if your eyebrows are widely space apart your nose will look bigger and when they are closer together it will make your nose look slimmer

Colour on eyebrows: if you don't like how your eyebrows look or you want little darker look to looks better than pick your eyeliner in some brown colour it is the best but you can also choose some other colours and just put the eyeliner on your eyebrows

Softer feet: if your feet are not soft enough just before your go to bed put vaseline on your feet then put your socks and when you wake up they will be soft

Lipstick that last all day long: you probably have to put all the time your lipstick on even though it is pretty good quality well if you hate that and don't want to put your lipstick on over and over again just put your lipstick then over your lips put a tissue and then over tissue add translucent powder and this way you won't have to put your lipstick over and over again and also will save money by not using your lipstick so often

Baby cream for coverage: if you have any bruises or scares on your body and want to cover it, use baby cream it has that skin colour that will totally cover it and also it is moisturised so it will heal faster
Have clean hair: you don't have time to wash your hair either you are too busy with work and school or maybe you are doing roadtrip and that you might not even be able to wash your hair, this dry shampoo will help you have clean hair without washing it put on your hair before you go to bed and it will look so good in the morning better do it in the evening than in morning because longer the dry shampoo is in your hair the better effect it has

Mascara as eyeliner: you have no time to do your makeup or can't find eyeliner than take your mascara and put super close to your lower lash line and touch it with mascara and it will even look better than with eyeliner

Bigger false eyelashes: so you want to put on your false eyelashes and want your eyelashes to look dramatic and big and you think these eyelashes on second picture will do the trick but it is actually opposite the once that look smaller will make your lashes bigger because these on second picture are quiet dramatic they will make your eyelashes look smaller

 Better nail polishes: so we all hate when our nail polishes cheep after one day even though we spend 20 dollars on some nail polish with good quality but with nail polishes it is not about quality well a bit of quality but you need to put it in fridge over the night and it won't cheep

 Eyes bigger or smaller: want your eyes to look bigger to white eyeliner on your waterline when you want them to look smaller put either black or brown on your waterline

Eyelashes to be curlier: want your eyelashes to be curlier take your eyelashes curler and dry it with hairdryer and then use it on your eyelashes just be careful for eyelashes curler not to be hot because you don't want to burn your eyelashes make sure to check before you use it

Lighter hair: I think most of you know this trick but I still though it is a good trick so if you want your hair it be lighter just make some lemon juice or just squeeze lemon on your hair and go on sun and it should do it but it won't have effect right away you might have to wait couple of hours or days

 Not to look tired: so if you look tired or just weird in your face that means you are not putting your concealer right make sure to put your concealer in triangle form and not dot it 

Makeup remover: if you don't have makeup remover and need to remove it just take coconut oil and that will do it and this way it is more healthier

Bobby pins saying longer on your hair: you probably also have this problem when you put your bobby pins and they can't stay long on your hair well if you spray them with hairspray they will stay on your hair longer

Great tricks aren't they? I love all of these tricks they are so useful and they will save you money, time and in the way it is better when you do this way. Let me know if you have some cool beauty tricks and make sure to check us out on Youtube our Q&A will come soon and we will be also announcing your surprise 
Stay tune for some fun stuff