Eyeshadow palettes: 10 latest and the hottest eyeshadow palettes

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Palettes are the best resource to have all of your favourite eyeshadows on one place and it looks so amazing all them together. Eyeshadows are also important for our makeup for everyday makeup and also night makeup, because the way your capture your eyes depends on how your whole face will look and these beautiful palette will help you with that. These eyeshadow palettes have become so popular that all of our favourite makeup brands are offering them from natural colours to very edgy and wild colours and you just need to buy one and you will be covered for at least a year you can use for everyday makeup and also night makeup because they mix up darker and lighter colours so that it works bought ways. Our favourite makeup brands never fail to make us happy with these amazing palettes and always keep designing new once and even better once that we just can't resist to buy. So today I got something special for my beautiful girls view of the hottest and latest eyeshadow palettes that you might like and can buy them and look your best this season.

Sugar pop palette: this beautiful and adorable palette is from toofaced. I need to say I love the way all of toofaced products looks like packaging and also the names are so cute I love it. Anyways this is their latest palette and I love it, it is on left side these light and natural colours that you will use for everyday make up little light not too much and maybe blend in some of darker colours but only little to give a bit of edge, but then on the right side you got some kickass colours like this light blue or this pink it seem these colours you can't really wear but you can you need to mix them up with some darker colours like these brown and it will look great. These colours are for night makeup when you go out with your friends or have some dinner. These eyeshadows also have rich pigments so that means getting great colour on your eyes.

  Naked on the run: naked naked I smell some natural colours of our one and only urbandecay palette and this is their latest addition to their naked palette family and is limited edition. These great palette has all in one eyeshadows that you need bronzer and more for all beauty basics that you will need while traveling. As you can see it contains great couple of natural coloured eyeshadows that will be enough for your eyes makeup then you can see the bronzer is here as well, a full size naked ultra nourishing lipgloss and then also eye pencil and of course we need our lashes to look their best and for that they got us mascara. What are perfect palette everything in one, but because it is a small one the colours would be used up faster so I would just use this one for traveling.

Tartelette amazonia clay matte palette: great way to rock your matte lipstick is with matte eyeshadows and why not with these from tartecosmetics they made just for us girls matte eyeshadow palette with 12 natural colours that you can mix up with a lot of things. We got first row of cream colours that is looking great for everyday makeup with maybe some darker colours to edge up but also great with these colours. Second row we got amazing nude colours who doesn't love nude colours and we can do a lot with those mix up with darker or these cream colours it will either way look great just see what looks better for your eyes and what colour capture them better. Third row we got great warm brown colours this one is getting little darker and also good for evening look but you can try mixing up with cream colour then it works for everyday makeup as well. Then the fourth and last one the chocolate this one is for more punk look or darker look but if you mix up with lighter colours also can be girlie for evening look. colours also can be girlie for evening look. 

Shade and light eye contour: 
how sessy does this one looks like?? Looks at this packaging and these colours are crazy and you can get this sessy palette at katvondbeauty. This palette contains neutral, warm and cool colours and this amazing palette is designed for contouring. These three large shadows are made for contouring, defining and highlighting. This one also has great colours and they all work great together. These warm, cool and neutral colours you can mix together just see what works the best for you. 
Modernist: this one looks pretty doesn't it? and quiet different with these waves looks more appealing doesn't it? This beauty is from hourglasscosmetics great brand I would say I found them about view months ago and love their products. This palette contains colours for base, crease and eyeliner for endless customised looks with only one palette. This amazing palette features from matte to metallic colours that will help you capture your beautiful eyes. These colours have also rich pigment as well and work great with other colours. This palette allows effortless blending of shadows to create a multitude of looks. If you are looking for more dramatic look try applying shimmery shades wet. 

 Artist's palette: this one is so pretty I am freaking out just by looking at it this beauty is from lauramercier and great colours. Let's look at right side these pink colours great to wear for some dinner great to mix up with brown colours and some neutral colours. Then we got on light side a bit darker colours little purple colours that would be great mix with this white colours if you want this colours to be light if you like more dramatic go with brown colour. I love the way this palette is made and you can do so much with these colours from girlie look with these pink colours to smoky eye looks.

Eyes are the window shadow palette: this unbelievably pretty palette is from stilacosmetics and it is great palette with 12 luxurious shades from soft shade to smoky eyes. Great combo of shades that allows you to mix up dark and light colours making them more edgy and dramatic or lighter.    

Hot nude palette: check out very girlie like palette with nude colours and if you like it you can get it at bobbibrowncosmetics I love the way it is made and how they combine these beautiful nude colours that will rock your makeup. From light nude colour to black black colour these a bit edgy and also girlie palette is great for many looks and any mood so get yourself this sweet thing 

Narsissist dual intensity eyeshadow: this sessy palette with 8 shades you can get at nars as you can see there are great colours to choose from. From this darker colours blue,brown and these in shades of red to lighter colours allowing you to do your everyday makeup as well as smoky and little punk look makeup. Here we got some kickass colours that can work with a lot of looks and I heard the quality of it is pretty awesome.

Artist palette: these is from anastasiabeverlyhills a great brand from Cali that I recently found out and I have to say they have great palettes and makeup is also awesome. I love these light colours like purple or yellow you can do so much with yellow have quiet light looks a bit weird but totally cool. These shades are quiet matte and they are highly pigmented that helps us have more dramatic look. 

Wow I can't believe how amazing these palettes are. Our world is doing pretty great with these palettes and makeup every time I think it can't be better than this one they make even better one. I love mixing different colours together and making it amazing and just playing around with colours it is pretty great. For eyes you need to see what colours captures your eyes the most and work with it. These palettes are all great, but I would say if you are looking to save some money just get one. Not for me though I just have to buy when I see these colours I can't pass by not buying these beauties. I hope you girls enjoyed this one this one is for all my beauty lovers and all of you girls. I think all of you are beautiful without makeup, but girl isn't complete without a bit of her makeup. Love you all my beautiful girls