Kayla Workout Program Monday Weeks 9&11

Monday, April 27, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

So guess what are we doing again the Kayla workouts we had break for two weeks because of the workout schedule because the workout schedule repeats it every two weeks. So if you have been following this great program and working out and other things then you should already be fit buy now and guess what you only got four weeks left so yeahh to you for doing this and making this fair so you should be proud of yourself because I know I am. You probably noticed every week it get harder and harder but in way you can handle it and I know you can so let's workout little more with Monday's leg workout

Circuit 1:
50 or 25 each leg jump lunges
20 split squats
20 180 degree jump squats
15 medicine ball full squat & press
After 7 minutes little break
Circuit 2:
20 X hops
30 or 15 each leg knee ups
15 double bench jumps
24 or 12 each leg snap jump knee ups

And here is explanation to workouts:

 Jump lunges: more explanation here

Split squats: more explanation here

180 degree jump squats: plant both feet on the floor slightly further than shoulder width apart point feet slightly outward. Looking straight ahead, bend at both hips and knees. Continue bending your knees until your upper legs are parallel with the floor. From this position, propel yourself upwards and rotate your body 180 degrees, landing with both feet at same time in squat position. Once safety landed, repeat in the opposite direction returning to your original starting position

Medicine ball full squat and press: more explanation here

X hopes: start in squat position before propelling your body upwards and extending your legs. Whilst in the air, split your legs and land into lunge positions with your RIGHT leg forward and LEFT leg back. Immediately propel your body back into the air and adjust your legs to allow you to land in the squat position. Once in squat position, immediately propel yourself upwards again, landing in a lunge position with your LEFT leg forward and RIGHT back. Breakdown Thus, the sequence will be squat, lunge right leg forward, squat, lunge left leg forward and repeat 

Knee ups: more explanation here

Double bench jumps: for this one I didn't find photo I can explain so here we go start by placing one flat bench on each side of you. Stand up on the benches. Stand on the floor in between the benches and assume a squat position before propelling your body upwards. Whilst in the air, adjust your legs to allow you to land with one foot on bench and one foot on the other at the same time into squat position. Once you have performed the squat, either step or jump back down onto the floor and repeat

Snap jump knee ups: sadly I didn't find photo for this one either :( but let's explain start by placing bench horizontally in front of you. Place your hand on bench approximately shoulder width apart with fingers facing forwards. Kick your feet backwards into push up position resting on the balls of your feet. Transfer your body weight onto your hands and jump your feet back in towards the bench. Immediately plant your entire left foot on the bench making sure your knees are not over your toes, keeping your hands by your sides. Straighten your left leg and as you stand up and make sure that your focus on pushing through the heels so that you work your glutes and hamstrings, rather than pushing through your toes. As you straighten your left leg, bend your right knee and lift it up into your chest. Make sure to push your hips forward at end of the movement in order to maximise in work done by the glutes. Release your left leg from your chest and place it back on the floor and repeat

Wow a lot of new stuff, but they are fun trust me did my first one today it was great you will have a lot of fun. Just have fun enjoy the workout and by now you should be fit and also see some changes. Make some great playlist to motivate you extra and guys we have to tell you something we have started youtube channel make sure to check us out for some crazy fun videos and some great tutorials OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL and we will also do something special there when we reach 10000 readers so keep checking us out there

Lot of kisses and hugs