Kayla Workout Program Wednesday Weeks 5&7

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Today is Wednesday so that means it is time to workout on our arms and abs. Guys let's me hear that excitement about your workout! Like I said this week it will be challenging I won't lie, but trust me when you get hang of it you will love it. You got to work hard before you see some results and that is how we do it. Enjoy yourself think how great you will feel and look after and take breaks when you feel it is too much but then come back to your workout and don't give up. If you have goal don't stop it until you achieved  it. Here is how this workout looks like:

Circuit 1:
8 rounds 10 mountain climbers and 2 pushups
15 leg raise with hip raise
15 lay down push ups

15 weighted bent jackknifes
Break after 7 minutes
Circuit 2:
15 weighted squat clean and press
15 decline push ups
15 tricep dips feet raised
24 or 12 each side commandos

Here is explanation to these workouts

Mountain climbers:  more explanation here

Leg raise with hip raise:  start by lying flat on your back with your legs straight placing both hands underneath your coccyx bone. If you are doing it on bench place your hands behind your head. Keeping your feet together and legs straight, contract your abdominal muscles and lift your legs up until they form 90 degree angle with your hips. Once at 90 degrees, lift off the bench or floor and push your feet towards the ceiling. Slowly lower your hips off of the bench and release your legs back down to 45 degrees and repeat 

Lay down push ups: more explanation here

Weighted bent leg jackknifes: star by lying straight on your back on the floor, holding a dumbbell above your head with both hands. Engage your abdominal muscles by drawing in your belly button to your spine. Keeping your feet together, contract your abdominal muscles and bend your knees in towards your chest. At the same time bring the dumbbell up towards your kneed slowly lifting your head, shoulder blades and torso off the floor. Squeeze in tightly and slowly release the weight and your legs outwards, lying back down with leg straight. 

Weighted squat clean and press:  this picture explain good how this should be done

Decline push ups: this picture explain great how to do this exercise. It is a lot like classic push up put your feet on bench and your hands forward parallel of bench and then you push down 

Tricep dips feet raised: this is a lot like normal tricep just you put one bench behind your hand and one forward you put your hands on bench that is behind straight and raise your legs on bench forward and from this position you lower your body and then go back and repeat

Commandos: more explanation here 

This is it for Wednesday workout not that hard right? Maybe in the beginning but we can do this girls I believe in you. Don't forget to stretch and on Friday the new workout is coming so stay tune for this.


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