Six sexy summer colors

Thursday, April 02, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Summer is coming up so girls let's get started on our sexy summer colors collection ,I will be giving you some of the top colors that are a must this summer , and that will work for any skin tone and during the day or the night  and are great colors for clothes , nails , and makeup.
So be for I start on the colors I will give you ladies some pointers on how to dress up for this summer:
- don’t be afraid of outrages colors such as neon yellow, pink, orange, blue they are the essence of summer fun, give them a go girls.
- mix and match this is a colorful summer and it's time for some fun, mix a few unexpected colors or wear exotic colors like soft Paige and Pink give it a try.
- do at least one different thing this summer with your make up, clothes, or even nail polish.
"that was just a small advice we will be giving more throughout the summer"
NOW let's get down to our sexy summer colors:
Yes black the king or colors weather it’s a nail color or eye shadow or a shoes it’s the number one color to go to in any season, one tip though don’t just wear black 
by it's self add a few things to make it more summery such as:

-If you are wearing a black dress then colorful multicolored shoes is a great choice, alongside some classic French manicure and soft simple make up.

-black and white is a must and it's never old and any colors go with this mix regarding nails and make up.

Red is an all year color as well but ,there are a few shades or red that are more summary like orangey red , burgundy red , water melon red( my new favorite lipstick color), and lighter shades or red are so in this summer ( nails , lips , clothes , shoes ) and they go on almost every skin tone especially the orangery and water melon red they are perfect.

Yes our lovely orange; nothing says summer more than orange really it's bright and fun even looking at something orange makes you happy.
 the mix or blue and orange is just perfect u can do a light orange blouse whit jacket and blue jeans and your good to go add a few gold chains if you like nude or orange suit and you got the perfect fun summer look , or you can simply add a blue loose scarf to and orange dress and the opposite works as well.
Orange and blue mixed nail polish is great (do all of your nails in dark ink blue and your ring finger in orange) this is a simple way for a manicure at home.
In addition, orange eyeliner, just put and orange color on your lower lash line or as on eye shadow with blue or black mascara, a sheer gloss, get out and have fun
Yellow melon is a cool new shade of yellow if you are someone who doesn't like honest yellow, but I think it's great and very in the" pink yellow ,orange yellow, blue yellow, black yellow " those are really great summary looks both nails and make up and clothes.
Every shade of green goes with a season; it is a great and natural color.
This year do something fun with green like mixing it with pink!! I know it sounds odd but use a pop shade of green with a light soft shade of pink and see how it goes weather its nails, shoes or close do the same trick in the blue-orange color.
Green eyeliner or eye shadow or even mascara with a red or pink lips gives you the calm fun look , green shoes are great on white pants as well give it a go girls.


And I am speaking about a few specific shades and they are "electric blue, torques , ink blue and neon blue " they are all go great together and you can mix and match them in any thing and they will look great 

and a few good mixes are the"Bp BROTHERS" and I mean and color that started with the B,P letters are a good mix.
Also yellow, red, green are cool as well, blue eyeliner or shadow with some pink or orange lips is showstopper.


Well its perfect with everything and every color, in the summer try to mix lighter shades or colors with whit for a more summary look, or a really dark shade to create contrast.
And do fun colorful shoes and fun jewels with it and any make up you like .
Final tip all those colors go well with both gold and silver as well so chose you favorite and have a good summer.