The real sluts

Monday, April 27, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

The title says it all ; now I want to emphases "IT'S NOT A JUDGMENT ON ANY JOPE"  .
So lets get started.
Why the terms slut, or whore is referred to women only if we came to think about it yes prostitutes are women but they would not be if men didn’t always have their heads in their dicks now wouldn't
Bartenders provide alcohol but they don’t make you drink or be an alcoholic, drugs are there but you don’t have to take them, casinos are there but do you have to gamble?
 so stop blaming any one for your actions.
 And just because there are prostitutes don’t mean you have to go fuck them, so they basically provide a highly demanded service by MEN so who is the real slut ?
The one who provides the service to those who want it or those who ask for it in the first place, I think it's very obvious who is the slut here.
So if you all look at the whole thing closely you can see that we have the whole thing backwards, aren’t men the real prostitutes here , I mean they are the ones asking for it so if  men get completely controlled by their small dicks and don’t use their upstairs brines should prostitutes be really the ones to blame ?? or the ones who are asking for them.