This summer's top swimwear

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As we all know and see and even feel summer is slowly coming and that means beaches, parties, fun, drinking cocktails on the beach and just enjoying life. Beaches means we need so cute swimwear to wear and that's is so exciting I just love beaches and summer. Feeling of summer and nice weather gets me on super good mood even when I am sad are you also like that? I feel so good in summer it's is time to get wild and just do all wild and crazy things I mean not that I don't do them usually but in summer I do them even more. In summer time you probably won't even see me sitting at home, I am out all the time it doesn't matter where at beach, traveling around the world, partying I do anything. Anyways as I was telling you girls we need for every season new swimwear because stuff from last year are not anymore trendy you don't want to be that girl that wears one swimwear for five years and that doesn't even noticed that it's not in anymore. That girl doesn't get any hotties, so girls check out these bikinis and decided which you like the most and go and get it, the good thing about swimwear here is that they are all good and trendy any of these are trendy so girls let's go girls:

 Triabal print: these unique print is now very trendy and look how cute this one shoulder swimwear looks. These prints looks interesting on swimwear and is stylish you can get one of these at Target

Fluttery flounce top bikini: this trend is quiet new when you wear fluttery flounce top, but look how cute this bikini is this two colours suit so good together dark blue and red and then to edge it up white so cute and that can only be from one and most awesome store ever Forever21 it is such a great combo these three colours and these prints

Long sleeves swimwear: such a simple way to wear a swimwear, in retro like style featuring a boho print and solid sleeves with an attractive sculpted neckline. Great way to wear it when you do some on beach activities though might get warm with these long sleeves you can get this great swimwear from Freepeople

Crop top bikini: I love those crop tops with high neck and now it is trendy to wear them as bikinis, they do really good and they show your feminist side. This crop top bikini has great high neck top and you can even wear it as top in summer and this two colours in this combo look good and guess where you can get it at Topshop also great store and they have more bikinis in this style go to their store and check it out

90's style bikini: how retro this looks like? That's the whole idea of it, high wasted one piece bikinis are this season very in. It's very simple so if you want to have some fun edge it up with some neon coloured accessories it would be fun and you get get this beauty at Americanapparel

Longline top bikini: this is also a lot retro with high wasted underwear and also the top, this bikini looks so awesome I am just so in love with retro and everything retro I love. This print is also great and you could try out to wear this one this summer if this one caught your eye make sure to check out at Asos

Cut out swimwear: how great it would be to wear this to beach, this one piece swimwear featuring cut-outs, ruching at the hips and contrast herms is very unique and interesting piece and would be nice to have one of them in your closet. Beach print is in way retro is unique nobody would think of wearing swimwear with beach print when they are going to beach so it would be kind of cool to wear this one and you can get this kickass swimwear at Wildfox

Bandeau bikinis: what a lovely combo and these bandeau bikinis are again trendy they have always been trendy it's only depends how you wear them and what kind of pieces. Also you can see in this picture underwear and top are not the same that is one other thing that is very trendy this season mismatching the underwear and top you can wear different prints, patterns or colours mismatching is fun and trendy so I am pretty sure you know by now where you can get this beauty trendy, stylish and look at this model looking like million dollars still nothing well I guess I'll tell you, every girl loves it and adores it one and only Victoria's Secret

Triangle bikini: these beauty the colour of sea, so simple but yet looking so unique these triangle bikinis are bikinis we will always wear and always love and I mean look at this colour who wouldn't want to buy this and with your tan it will look so great. Are you seriously still thinking about possibly getting it anyways you can get it well not sure why I am writing this one but maybe someone doesn't know probably not much though anyways you can get this at Triangl yeah that's right triangle bikini at triangle sounds about right.

Girls and what you think? Look at these beauties can you believe them? Totally heaven around here and now we all are think but which one do I need, which is the best for me, or do I need any of them. Let me tell you see which one suits the most your style and which one will describe you the best, swimwear is also like style it has to be you, it is wear to wear kind of retro style swimwear when you never wear anything retro, and also don't think about not getting any remember what I said you don't want to be that girl. Girls we need work to do SHOPPING :) and what? Beautiful Swimwear