3 ways how to wear white jeans

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White jeans are always great to wear and you always look so chick in them. I love how great they look with those strapy heels or pointed toe heels it looks so stylish and it is basically just simple outfit. But I have noticed also in my experience that it is not always easy to put together an outfit with white jeans there are quiet some things that should be considered like for example you can't just wear any shoes snickers and white jeans don't really go great together or also what kind of top you are wearing jacket and also bag everything has to look good with white jeans so I put together three outfits with white jeans in which you will look amazing and also they are affordable meaning you won't have to spend a lot of money on it and also these are some basic stuff that most of you already own

 Outfit number one: you can see first we got great printed crop top that suits great with these high wested  ripped white jeans so if you don't like showing your belly then in this way you won't but you will still be able to wear crop top then we got these lovely sunnies from dior I know they are kind of pricy but I put them because I love them so much, but of course you can just buy any sunnies from forever21 or wear some of your sunnies I am sure you have pair of sunnies. We also got this simple necklace that suits great with these white jeans, because it has just simple pastel colours and with accessories you don't want to over do it and have some bright colours then we got these two items in black first simple black handbag that you can also wear on shoulders you can either wear it on your hands or put it on your shoulder and then we have simple and elegant strapy heels that just suit great with this outfit
Information about outfit:
1. Printed crop top from bershka
2. Dior so real in gold sunglasses dior
3. White skinny ripped jeans from topshop
4. Necklace from six
5. Handbag from h&m
6. Stapy high heels from lulus

Outfit number two: this outfit is kind of casual but still in the way elegant as well. We got this denim shirt to wear with white jeans you can tuck the shirt in the jeans and roll little bit the sleeves a bit up and then we are moving on to accessories with got this time also great necklace from forever21 also quiet simple with some corals or at least it looks like this and it is two parts necklace these are quiet in at the moment and they look amazing then we got this clutch that will make this outfit look more outfit and then on the end amazing pointed toe heels in sued so that also makes it elegant not the high heels but the material. I love this outfit because you can wear it when you want to go for more casual look but also more elegant when you have some important dinner or going to some event
Information about outfit:
1. Denim shirt from dhgate
2. Coral necklace from forever21
3. White skinny ripped jeans from topshop
4. Clutch from lulus
5. Sueded pointed toe heels from zara  

Outfit number three: this one is business like but it has also casual side because of the ankle boots and the bag. You can see we got this basic top in grey to wear with white jeans and with this this great simple black blazer that is very chick and elegant I love these simple blazer you can mix them up with so many items and then we also need some accessories and there is where rayban sunglasses come to mix things little bit up we got this pink sunglass from rayban but you can also get cheaper version at forever21 or h&m and also another accessory is this  on shoulder bag with these fringes details that makes this bag "The it bag" and you know it is in trend right now because of the fringes and then to top all of it and the whole outfit to make sense we got this bad ass ankle boot with these studd details that make them look amazing and also your outfit this once are from chole are let me tell you quiet pricy but you can also just get any ankle boot just simple black boots would be also great. I mean if you can get this because theye are great accessory to your closet and great quality but if you can't you can many other stores you can get it similar
Information about outfit:
1. Grey basic top from h&m
2. Blazer from topshop  
3. White skinny ripped jeans from topshop
4. Fringe shoulder bag from topshop
5. Pink rayban sunglasses rayban
6. Studded ankle boots from chloe

You see it is easy to put an outfit together with white jeans and you basically need max 6 items and most of them you probably already own this is fun way to be trendy but not spend too much money and you can also if you don't have these items you can get it at any clothing store or these I wrote below but you don't have to buy the same items it can be similar and see what suits you the best and you feel the most comfortable. White jeans are great because you think they won't look good with anything but white jeans look amazing with anything you just need to be careful what you choose with white jeans. Hope you guys enjoyed this one and let us know if you want us to write more article like this or if you have any suggestion

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