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April has been such an amazing month with all of the sun and just really having feeling like spring is here. I love April because then we can slowly start to wear spring clothes and I just love spring clothes all cute clothes. Anyways we haven't done months favorites in while, we just have been doing other stuff as you can see on our blog, but I thought for April we got to do it, because I just noticed I have been in love with view things lately and I need to share with you so let's get started

Chloe clutch: I am absolutely in love with this one, it is so practical and I wear it when I go out with some elegant looks or even when I just have to do something quickly and I don't need to take too many stuff with me. I bought this one view years ago and I didn't wear it that much, but now I wear started to wear it often. I like to wear it with some cute dress or last night I wore it with my leather jacket and crop top and of course cute high heels

 Iphone case: you might seen this one on your instagram, but I just love this one such a cool quote and I love the mix between these baby pink letters and then black background it looks really great. I had just simple pink case but then I thought why not mix things a bit up 

Zara headband: this headband is a bit unusual, but I love it. It is so perfect for spring and look so cute with any outfit you can see I wore it on one of our videos you can see if you like it. It is a bit hard headband, but you can wear with girly springy outfits for example with some cute dress. I love it because it has these detailed flowers things and it is quiet simple and yes I bought it in zara and it was around 20 dollars, but I think these headbands you can now get anywhere just look for it and local stores

Pull&Bear skirt: as you can noticed by the previous picture I am now kind of obsessed with flowers I think I have always been, but now even more maybe it is just spring thing who knows. Anyways I have been wearing this pretty skirt all the time it doesn't matter if it is with some allstarts and more casual look or with some high heels for more elegant look. I think these flowers make this skirt even more girlier which I love, and if you want more casual look wear this skirt with some simple basic top and some allstarts like I wear and even denim jacket would look totally amazing with this skirt I had that once and it was great outfit.

 China glaze in a lily bit: so this is another thing I am totally been obsessed with. I just love this colour it is very pastel and so spring like and it suits great with any outfit even if you outfit is dark it will kind of give a light to it and when it is girly and with pastel colours it is even better and also I have been wearing the white nail polish but I couldn't find him today so that is why I couldn't post the photo so I love white one because it looks great and you can always wear it and I have noticed a lot of other people have been wearing it I guess it is kind of trendy now. Tell me what you think? What is your favourite colour?

Macadamia hair oil: I think I showed you guys this one in my skin care routine and I have been using this one for while and it is super good one for your hair to be more healthier and even softer. I usually add this oil to my shampoo and that is how I do it, but you can easily also just add to your hair when you are done showering. This oil is especially great when it is hot weather and your hair gets dry so to keep your hair nice and healthy this one is amazing.

 Zara shorts: you might know that I love denim and I love wearing these cute denim shorts it doesn't matter if it is hotpants, normal denim short, high wested I just love wearing it and putting together outfit with it. This one I think I bought last year in Cannes in zara and when I bought it, I didn't like it how it looked, but now I started to like it and I wear it in casual looks like with some cute top like crop top and my allstarts or my sandals and also like to add a shirt to it as well and there you go you get great denim outfit.

 American apparel shirt: as I said before I am in kind of flowers phase so I have been wearing this cute little thing as well. I just love that this shirt has so many bright colours very spring like. It is great to mix it up with simple basic items like just denim pants and some cute sandals and this shirt will make it a bit more dramatic and it can be casual as well as elegant and yes I got it at american apparel and I have to say I love that store 

Aura lipgloss: I love this lipgloss the colour is so great and I basically wear it on daily base. When I don't put too much makeup it is great way to make it a bit dramatic 

 Zara top: this colour is just so great like the colour of the nail polish and this one is very simple. This top is very spring like and I wear it with denim items or any casual look it is basic top so you can wear it with anything and I am just so obsessed with this colour. I already got couple of other tops in this same colours 

 Zara scarf: I actually bought this beautiful scarf this winter in zara, but it is very light scarf I mean not too warm so it is perfect for spring and I just wear it because sometimes it can get a bit cold in spring. I love this dirty yellow colour it looks great with pastel colours and all bright colours I wear and I just casually add it. I wear it with some bright colours but also darker colours work as well basically you can wear it with anything. 

H&M hat: such a girly hat isn't it? This hat is actually pretty old, but I always wear it a lot in spring and I just love the colour. This hat you can wear with some elegant looks with some girly dress or kind of ladylike looks, because of the way hat is. This hat looks amazing with bermuda pants and just very elegant looks

Coconut body milk: I just have to tell you that I don't like coconut at all if you ask me why not sure why but I just don't like the smell anyways even thought I don't like it I have been using this coconut milk and I am so in love with it, it has just amazing smell and the feeling when I use it is great like feeling so clean and fresh so I am guessing if I like it people who love coconut will love it too. I think you can find in any store that sells cosmetics or look up online

So did you guys like anything? What did you find the most interesting? I have noticed I have been obsessed with this purple pastel kind of colours and I have so many items I love in this colour and I wear it all the time and also flowers. Anyways this was it for my "April favorites" I hope you find it interesting and if you liked it let us know so we can do more articles like this. So we wanted to thank you all of you guys for reading our blog and today we reached the highest number yet 600 views on one day it is totally amazing and thank you so much so we got something special for you stay tune to find out. I am setting goal for tomorrow for 800 can we get it, if we do you'll be getting one step closer to finding out the big surprise so stay tune and view our articles.

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