First time tag

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So you are probably wondering where is that surprise that we have been talking about when we reach 10000 readers well we are happy to announce that we have reached 10000 readers and we are so happy about it. So this is just first part of the surprise but we have task for you, you have to guess what will be other part of surprise based on this article. Comment below on what you think will be another part. So we thought why not do first time tag it is great chance to get to know us better and I also noticed a lot of other bloggers are doing it as well so are you ready for first time tag alright let's go:

First youtube video
Katarina: I think it was some music video I made with my friend 
Diana: Doro Pech gig
First alcoholic drink
Katarina: I am not sure anymore but I know it was either vodka juice or blue lagoon
Diana: red wine
Lisa: red French wine
First job:
Katarina: that was the job I have now that I got 2 years ago 
Diana: baby sitting
Lisa: it was at judo athlete 
First person texted you today:
Katarina: it was Lisa always happy to hear from her
Diana: El cuyabro 
Lisa: my bff Mchel for coffee talk
The first thing I did this morning:
Katarina: checked my phone then went to kitchen I made a coffee
Diana: answering the phone
Lisa: drink cup of green tea
First foreign country you went to?
Katarina: Greece
Diana: Germany
Lisa: Boland
The first sport you were into to?
Katarina: totally swimming and gymnastics and then after volleyball and different dances
Diana: gymnastics
Lisa: gymnastics
The first thing you do when you get home?
Katarina: go to the kitchen and find something to eat
Diana: check out the fridge
Lisa: get out of my clothes
First kiss:
Katarina: such a awkward time in everyones life isn't it, I was 13 and it was with a cute boy that I liked
Diana: with my boyfriend then
Lisa:  it was when I was 18 and it was worth the wait because we were in love and we kissed then for an hour
The first thing you learned to cook:
Katarina: I would say I am still learning but you can say spaghetti
Diana: pasta
Lisa: rice
First time you flew with plane:
Katarina: I think I was around 5
Diana: to visit my sister
Lisa: I was 3
First concert:
Katarina: this one is bit embarrassing I was 12 and it was Pussycat Dolls at that time there were the only thing I listened to
Diana: La Fania all starts
Lisa: Beyonce in Dubai
First regrettable hair style:
Katarina: I had once very bad hair style, but it wasn't my fault, because my mom told my hair stylist to cut my hair very short and she did without telling me first and I was so upset because I loved my long hair and I never ever had short hair again
Diana: anything my mom did to me when I was little
The first time you cut class:
Katarina: it was one time in 5th grade when the whole class cut the class so our class was pretty bad 
Diana: did too many times and can't remember the first time 
First person you thought of this morning:
Katarina: my cousin because yesterday I talked to her
Diana: a person who called me this morning
Lisa: my friend because he is a mess now (poor thing)
Who was your first best friend and do you still talk to her?
Katarina: her name is Milica or was it just feels so weird saying was because totally feeling like something is dead when you say was anyways yes I talk to her all the time we are still quiet close and big hugs and kisses to her if she is reading this one
Diana: girl named Sandra that was my best friends when I was 3 and we don't talk anymore
Lisa: I had two best friends and they were boy and a girl and yes I still talk to the girl
Where was your first sleepover?
Katarina: it was at my good friends house when we were in 4th grade or so
Diana: some cousins place
Lisa: it was at my boy best friend's house
If you had one wish what would it be?
Katarina: to get to travel more
Diana: I'd be president of the whole world
Lisa: to be filthy rich
First pet:
Katarina: it was rabbit called Anja and I loved that rabbit so much
Diana: it was golden fish
Lisa: it was cat and dog

So that was our first time tag I hope you enjoyed it and we will try to do video about it as well and now start writing ideas what other part surprise could be