Kayla Workout Program Friday Weeks 10&12

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Omg guess you almost made it I am so proud of everyone of you. I can't believe that we did it congrats to all of use we deserve a little award and we shall get it and that is why I am giving you some great award wait a see what it is but from now let's go. I also wanted to tell you, you can still keep doing these exercises because they are quiet good and will keep you in shape and you will feel great and also if you want this workout from weeks 13 to 24 let me now and here I made poll click here to vote if you want it or not. If you want it you better vote but now let's workout

Circuit 1:
50 snap jumps
16 or 8 each side spider push ups
40 or 20 each side scissor kicks
30 or 15 each side bench hops
break after 7 minutes
Circuit 2:
20 leg raises bench
20 straight leg jackknifes
20 weighted bent leg jackknifes
15 burpee bench jump


Snap jumps: more explanation here

Spider push ups: more explanation here

Scissor kicks: more explanation here

Bench hops: more explanation here

Leg raises on bench: more explanation here

Straight leg jackknifes: more explanation here

Weighted bent leg jackknifes: more explanation here

Burpee bench jump: more explanation here

So that was our last workout in this program but I hope you'll continue it. Anyways we have to let you know that we have that big surprise well one part of it check it out on our blog and we got some great videos coming up on youtube check them out here

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