Kayla Workout Program Weeks 9&11

Friday, May 01, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Here we go again with Wednesday's workout I am so sorry I couldn't post this today I was super busy doing some other stuff but you can do this one also today. This workout is for arms but also others parts of body like for example "Bosu burpees" that is for the hole body from legs to arms and it is very challenging but also fun. This workout I really enjoyed doing and had the best time doing it. Don't you love waking up and doing some great workout and feeling so great after that workout. Anyways I'll make great playlist for workout for you guys to motivate you extra and I'll post here but also on our social media accounts so make sure to follow us on instagram and twitter we are called nakedlydressed these songs motivate me a lot and just gives me that extra power to workout even harder and I'll also make some other playlists because I love music and I want to share with you. Enough from that let's workout I know you can do it so come on

Circuit 1:
20 drop push ups
15 medicine ball squat & press
25 tricep dips feet raised
8 x 10 mountain climbers and 2 pushups
after 7 minutes little break
Circuit 2:
15 broad jump burpees
15 weighted squat clean & press
15 decline push ups
15 bosu burpees

Here is explanation:

Drop push ups: more explanation here

Medicine ball squat & press: more explanation here

Tricep dips: more explanation here

Mountain climbers: more explanation here

Broad jump burpees: more explanation here

Weighted squat clean & press: more explanation here

Decline push ups: more explanation here

Bosu burpees: squat down and position the bosu on the floor with the flat side facing upwards. Once steady, kick your feet backwards into push up position. Bend your arms and lower your torso towards the bosu until your arms a 90 degree angle. Jump your feet in towards the bosu into squat position. Stand and lift the bosu to your chest and the press it upwards over your head. Place the bosu back down on the floor and repeat

That was fun wasn't it? I hope you guys enjoyed this workout and I will make sure to post my workout playlist and don't forget next workout is coming on Friday so make sure to check it out. Always keep pushing yourself and I know you can do it