Makeup brushes

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Makeup doesn't work without makeup brushes and that is why we need good brushes and also buy the brushes we need based on how we do our makeup. For example if you don't put bronzer on your face you won't need bronzer brush but if you put bronzer all the time you'll need it. Today I'll show you what brush is for what part of your makeup. Sometimes when we go to the store and we look at those brushes we get very confused what is for what. The important thing about brushes is that the quality is very important. The quality of your makeup brush can effect on your makeup I think urbandecy has great brushes maccosmetics also toofaced, nars and other high end makeup brands. They might be expensive, but it bette to spend more money on them. But now let's talk about brushes:

Powder brush: this brush is great to add powder to your beautiful face it has perfect length and it is very easy to add all the powder at once and they are large and rounded brushes

Bronzer brush: as you can see this bronzer brush compare to powder brush goes more into hight than length because you are not adding bronzer to whole face only your cheeks and this size is perfect to add it. These bronzer brushes are soft, medium and dome-sized brushes.

Eyeshadow brush: this one is smaller than those previous once. This size is great and enough to highlight to most important parts of your eyes and not go all over your eyes. They are small,stiff brushes

Eyeshadow blending brush: if you feel like your makeup is too dramatic or too dark for the everyday makeup you need to use this one and blend it out so that it is not so dramatic or if you want to add another colour and compare to normal eyeshadow brush this one is more fuller it has kind of flower shape

Eyeliner brush: as you can see these eyeliner brushes are kind of small angled brushes that makes it easy to add eyeliner to your eyes 

Lip brush: you are probably now thinking why do I need lip brush? I can just add my lipstick or lipgloss with lipstick, but if you want to your lips to look good and also be exactly on lip line than brush is needed. These lip brushes are small, flat round-tipped brushes that are sticky which helps you add your lipstick better on your lips

Contour brush: this brush has perfect size for contouring your face and making it look better. These brushes are fluffy and angled because when you are contouring you are working on angles 

Foundation brush: foundation is also important for our makeup and for that we also need brush to look better and cleaner. This size is great to add foundation because it is big enough and very straight if you look up on picture and that is easier to blend it out the foundation all over your face

As you can see brushes are quiet important and now you probably know which one is for what. The brushes depends on how that makeup item is used and in what amount and brushes do make it look better so make sure to use them. I mean if you are beginner if can try without them but it won't be the same trust me, brushes help you so much. What kind of brushes do you use? Where do you buy your brushes? How to you apply your makeup? What do you apply first and what last?

We are looking forward for your answers and if you are wondering how to clean your brushes you can check it out here in this video