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Opi always creates great nail polishes and I love such a great names of nail polishes and also collection and they always make crazy coloured nail polishes and when you wear them it puts you in such a great mood don't you feel like that as well? This spring they released amazing spring collection called "Hawaii" and I am absolutely in love with it this collection has a lot of pastel colours very spring like and also some intensive and bright colours that will put you in the best summer mood so today I'll show you these amazing nail polishes from this spring collection

   That:s Hula-rious: I can't get over how cute the name is and it is typical to Hawaii for their hula dance or party instead of naming hilarious they named it hula-rious and this amazing nail polish has kind of pastel green colour mint colour and it is great with some great white pieces or any simple dress

My gecko does tricks: I am not sure why they named this one like this but I think because of those animals that are also called gecko and they have this green colour anyways this colour in so great and perfect for summer and spring such a summer colour isn't it. I would go crazy with this colour put as much colours as you can but maybe go with pastel colours

Do you take lei aways: this nail polish is perfect for lay down mood but also for some elegant looks and when you work you can't really wear bright coloured nail polishes, this creamy nude nail polishes looks great with some darker pieces for example with black blazer and it is great for business like looks 

Is mai tai crooked: this is kind intensive colour peach orange and it great for some crazy looks and with some floral dresses or also simple pieces like some lace white top and some shorts or denim jeans with these you can do so much I feel this colour goes quiet in direction of neon so you don't want to very so much intensive colours so lay down with intensive colours with this nail polish you can wear blue or black but for example green that is also intensive that would be too much

Go with the lave flow: for any girl that loves wearing red and wants to show her classy side this colour is great and I like that it has little shine as well so it is not simple red colour and red is also so typical for hawaii because the exotic colour and wear with some cute leather jeans and maybe crop top or blouse and then with it high heels with pointed toe that would be such a perfect outfit it is quiet classic and red nails scream classy 

 Aloha from OPI: such a funny name I guess aloha is how they in hawaii say hello is that right? let me know if you know it? Anyways this red in more intensive than the previous one this one is more clear red colour which is great and also for great mood this one you can wear with some little black dress or just with any classy look maybe with some white jeans and blouse and white high heels also great outfit with this red nail polish 

Suzi shops and island hops: now we are moving on to more girly colour and nothing says more girly than this baby pink colour quiet pastel colour isn't it? I love wearing pastel on my nails and this one is great with some girly looks like cute mini skirt and blouse and maybe put headbands that is great accessories for summertime and also high lights your girly look 

Just lanai-ing around: hawaii means beach and just relaxing and this name describes it perfectly laying around great colour between pink and purple not sure if it's more pink or purple what do you think? I think it's both or at least I hope so I don't want to be colour blind haha anyways great colour to edge your look up and add some punk in it with this colour and then if you are wearing this colour add some leather jacket to your outfit and then you can either wear some simple floral dress because girly and punk styles are great mix or you can go with classic punk look and wear some ripped jeans and maybe crop top 

Hello hawaii ya: not like the previous this one I know it's purple it is dark purple quiet intensive colour and with this one they wanted more dramatic look which works great with some punk so you add some leather jacket and some simple pieces and there you go this colour is for more rainy day mood but also goes with any happy day as well 

This color's making wav: the sea is blue but when there are waves you see colour between blue and green and that is what the colour of this nailpolish is and we love it. Great summer colour with litlte shine effect that will put you on great mood with this colour go with some great pieces like some maxi dress in pastel colour like purple and some flats very beach wear

Lost my bikini in moloki: funny name for great and quiet intensive nail polish this is great for beach and summer when you have your triangle bikini on with some neon colour put this great nail polish and you will look so great this nail polish will high light your tan and you will look even more tan

Pineapples have peelings: for the end we got some interesting nail polish. We got dirty yellow colour with some interesting circles in different colours now you don't have to draw details to your nails you got it already with your nail polish this great for some spring look with simple denim jeans and cemi top little elegant but also still keeping it casual 

For this collection opi did great job we got so many different colours from pastel girly colours to purple pink punk colour and then colour of the waves between green and blue we got colours for any mood and any look for this spring and summer. I love the name of nail polishes opi always makes such a great name that captures the colour and is typical to the name of the collection. If you haven't check these amazing nail polishes out you should check the out and if you still haven't tried them you should do that and buy them because the quality of the nail polishes is very good and they last at least seven days and I think it is better have one expensive but last longer and won't ruin your nails than hundred cheap nail polishes that will totally ruin your nail here is link to their official side so check it out and if you want to see how much they cost  OPI I hope you enjoyed this articles and if you want me to do more articles like this let me know, I noticed you enjoyed our article about toofaced collection

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