Spring essentials: clothes and accessories

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As I promised when I did "Spring essentials" I am doing the spring essentials for clothes and accessories. Spring is great time to get some new clothes and I always love to put together a spring outfit. So today I put together some stuff you will need to have great spring outfit and just stuff that will make you feel the spring and just help you get into spring spirit. And also if you haven't checked out yet go check out our latest videos and article I posted about makeup brushes :)

Colourful handbag: spring is very happy season and that is why spring colours are bright colours like yellow, green blue and also pastel colours so get some great colourful handbag to start off the spring in style and it these colourful bag suit great with all of your spring clothes

Pastel coloured dresses: as I said pastel colours are very spring colours so you will need at least one dress in pastel colours and it is always handy when you don't know what to wear you know you can mix them up with a lot of stuff and they are so cute and girly 

Maxi dress: these maxi dresses are great for spring and summer and it is always useful it can be elegant as well as casual and they are very comfy 

Sunglasses: because it's spring and sun is slowly coming you'll need pair of cute sunglasses to protect you from sun and always make you look super cute. If you are following me on twitter you know that I am so obsessed with these new dior sunglasses and they are very in this year and they look so awesome I am definitely planning on getting one of those and p.s if you are not following me on twitter you should my name is kazivkovic 

 Swimsuit: it is sunny and you'll probably go to the beach and go tanning or play some fun games with your friends but it doesn't matter you'll need super cute bikini for the beach and I think this triangl bikinis are amazing they are very simple and I love colours of their bikinis so check them out for some great bikinis 

Sandals: you'll need pair of comfy sandals that you can wear the whole day it doesn't matter if you are at the beach or working. Sandals are one of my favourite spring clothing and that is for sure must have for spring but make sure to buy some comfy sandals you can see here where you can get some comfy sandals that are not too expensive

Shorts: in spring it is getting a bit hotter and that means it's time to wear some shorts you need for spring and summer pair of denim shorts but if you are not a fan of denim get some shorts to just wear with some crop top it looks super cute and yes it is so hot you just need it and if you hang out a lot at the beach shorts are great for the beach

Leather jacket: in spring it can still get a bit chilly and than you'll be some kind of jacket and leather jacket are very stylish and you can totally mix it up with your cute shorts or skirts you are wearing in the spring 

Denim jacket: I think this one is even for anytime essential, denim jacket can always be very useful in any season, but mostly in spring when it gets cold you can wear it with some cute dress and look totally cute. And can I just tell you that I am so in love with this outfit kind of vintage like but not quiet and I love this dress everything about this outfit is great

Crop tops: it's spring time people are wearing denim shorts,jackets, skirts and that means you'll also need cute crop top these tops are just must have because it gets hot in spring and it is just great with some high wasted denim shorts or cute skirts and it's totally spring like

 Strappy heels: I just love strappy heels they are very elegant and if you'll need them if you want to change up from your comfy sandals into these beauties and just when you have some parties or event coming up they are quiet handy because you can just wear them either with some boyfriend jeans or some girly dress you have some many options with these

Backpack: for all of your beach hangouts and park picnics that you'll do in spring you'll need some cute backpack to put all of the stuff  and backpacks you can look so great with your spring outfits like high wested denim shorts or girly dress so totally get one of those if you don't already have one

Skirts: because it's spring you also want to wear some skirts and be girly girl, skirts are great with spring outfits from maxi skirts to mini skirts whatever you like 

So these are clothes and accessories you'll need for spring. I love these essentials these just make you look so great in spring and you got so many options with every single item from this list. And have you noticed how people have become so obsessed with denim this year? What do you like the most on this list? How do you dress in spring? 

A lot of love,hugs and kisses