Toofaced: Summer collection

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Toofaced is such a great makeup brand and they never fail to makes us happy with their amazing products am I right? I love that they have all those cute names for their products are and I adore their design it is quiet unique I mean I love others as well like urbandecay   and maccosmetics, but toofaced has kind of vintage design which I love because I am obsessed with vintage style I just love it. Anyways if you are huge makeup lover like me you might know that toofaced has released the latest summer collection and I thought why not show you that great collection. I think it is quiet practical to read about your favourite brand's collection and to know what to expect and if you should even check it out or not, but I am pretty sure this collection is worth your time jut wait and see so let's get started:

Melted metal: you might noticed that people are getting crazy over these toofaced matte lipglosses. They created amazing matte lipglosses in eight colours. They are rich pigmented  lipglosses and they are great for everyday makeup and they look amazing on your lipstick. They are now available at toofaced for 21 dollars

Sugar pop: I mean just how great is that name. This eyeshadow is everything you need for great makeup look. It has these neutral colours for everyday makeup just to add a bit, you don't want to put too much makeup during the day and then you also have these darker colour if you are looking for more dramatic look at night or even during the day if you want to have a bit darker makeup. You can get it at tooface for 36 dollars 

Cocoa contour: contouring really does control how you appear to others that means it allows you to show off more of your beautiful features and hide features you don't want to show that much  and this cocoa contour is perfect for it. It has four different shades of contour and that includes two matte shades that will make your look even better. And how great is you also great amazing brush and can I just tell you how I am in love with the box I would just buy it because of the box it is so girly with that bow. Anyways you can also get this one at toofaced and others stores like sephora and it's 40 dollars

Selfie powders: powder is always important for your makeup tell me how often do you use powder? I think powder should always be used it gives you that shine to your makeup and it makes difference, but this selfie powder is not usual powder like the name says it is your selfie filters in real life can you believe it? Now we don't have to even take time to find perfect filter we already have it and that means less time worrying about our perfect instagram photo. This powders work with light-fragmenting technology to instantly brighten with diffused warmth, bronze with smoothing glow or add a cool ethereal light to the skin. You can get amazing powders at toofaced and it is 36 dollars 

Natural matte: another great eyeshadow palette from toofaced, but this one is matte which is super great for matte lovers and I mean matte always looks great. They made for use amazing eyeshadow palette with all natural colour it has different shades from darker to lighter shades which means you can use it for a lot of looks and I just love their names isn't always great to read their names? I totally adore this one and I feel matte is great to hide some sports you don't want to show and it give more dramatic look. You can get this beauty at toofaced for 36 dollars

The little black book of bronzers: bronzer are great because it makes our face darker and our face appears better and gives your face that glow. Toofaced has created this little black book of bronzers with eight different bronzers that you can use according to your mood. This little black book contains also dark chocolate solei and this one is limited edition so ladies hurry up before it is all gone. You can great this amazing book at toofaced for 49 dollars and how great does this look kind of vintage style book with these cute pictures I love how do you like it? 

Dark chocolate soleil: we got another special bronzer and this one is matte bronzer in dark chocolate soleil and it is great for more sculpted contouring creating more dramatic look and of course this is dark chocolate so it must be darker and it will look so good on our face making it glow and look amazing. This little special thing you can get at toofaced for 30 dollars 

I can't get enough of this collection it is so amazing. I think my favourite thing from this collection is for sure these matte lipglosses and and this little black book of bronzers so cute and everything else. Did you noticed this time they are went in matte directions a lot of matte makeup and I think it is great, nobody can't get enough of matte. What did you like the most about this collection? Write below. I think it was so much fun doing this article showing you this amazing collection and I think we should do it more what do you think? If you like this article and want us to do more let us know and tell us what brand we should do next?

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