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Urban decay is an amazing makeup brand that is innovated and creates amazing makeup, you might know if you are reading our blog regularly that I am kind of obsessed with urban decay. I love their products how they look, the quality and of course the effect of their makeup. Some products I like more then the others but that is because not every product suits to everyone it depends what kind of makeup you are into and how you do you makeup but generally as makeup company I think they are amazing . To see how great this company is if you didn't know yet I'll show you some of my favourite urban decay products

 Naked palette number one: of course this has to be my number one products I mean how great is this palette from natural everyday makeup to smoky eye makeup you got all shades you need for any makeup and most of the shades are natural colours. I love these brown and cream colours you can mix up so much with these colours and the great part you also get this amazing brush that is perfect for blending your eyeshadow and just adding it to your eyes

Revolution lipstick: this lipstick is amazing first I love the shape of it and this I got this colour because this colour really pop my eyes. This lipstick is easy to add on your lips and it maintain for big part of the day

Naked palette number two basic: this palette is my life saver when I am on a go and traveling and don't want to bring too much makeup. It has all the colours you need for everyday makeup look and this dark shades helps you get even evening look might need some more eyeshadows for smoky eye look but if you don't need to dramatic this will do this job. 

Setting spray: when it is summer and you want to put your makeup on but you don't want because it will get ruin of the high temperature well this amazing setting spray always keeps my makeup and face fresh or even when you are going out you might put this on so your makeup will stay longer. This one is amazing effect and I am more than happy with this one

 Naked skin: I have to say this is the best foundation I tried to far, though I am not big foundation fan I love this and put it on time to time. It hides everything that needs to be hidden and the bottle is pretty practical and is also good when you are on go and you just need little to cover the whole face which means you won't have to buy every month or so and it makes me feel like my face is so clean and nice 

Vegan 24/7: this is such a great concealer and it is so easy to apply because it is just like pencil and you just apply and with this pencil and you are done and these moisturised once you need first to put to your hand and see to just apply a bit otherwise it will be too much, but these might cover more because they are moisture.Anyways for me this one is good, but I love it because when you are on go and in hurry it is easy to add but when you are taking your time then I would say use the moisturised one 

Glid on eye pencil: these are another from 24/7 series of amazing pencils and these are amazing eye pencils that will make your eye prettier I have the purple one,black,brown,silver and gold and all of them look amazing it depends how you want your eyes to look and they stay on my eye for long time I wouldn't say the whole day, but for a long time. But you know these pencils they never maintain the whole day that is just how they are but these pencils are so amazing and the colours really makes my eyes pop and make even either brighter or smaller and I am very happy with them and I keep repurchasing  them 

Good karma: this brush is brush for foundation and it is so nice and you can make it all nice and clean and you can feel when you are putting it on that the quality is very good it feels so nice adding it on. Honestly I think every urbandecay brush is good I bought for everything one brush at urbandecay they are honestly the best I can't be more happier with them. 

This were some of my favourite products from urbandecay and the products I mostly use, of course I always try some new once but with these once I stick with and can't get enough of. These are products I think I can't get anywhere better and I am happy with them and totally if you are up to try them out and let me know how you like them and what is your experience with them. Hope you enjoyed this article and could find out some new makeup you didn't know about

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