Different ways to get tan

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What is the most important thing we do in the summer? Tan of course and we are all obsessed with getting as much tan as we can and just doing anything for that. We do that to look amazing and fresh and come on we will look pretty awesome in our neon swimsuit and any summer clothes so I got view easy ways for you to get tan and just look all great and so I don't forget to remind you this is another series of our #nakedlydressedsummer so don't forget to show us your summer experiences with this hashtag because it is going to be giveaways so make sure to share with us some awesome photos

Tanning in the sun: our basic tanning technique is tanning in the sun just laying down putting some sun cream on and chill while getting tan is the best and also easiest way, but it can also be hard if you are kind of person who can't handle sun that much or if you get sick from sun it can't be that good and laying in the sun for long time can't be that healthy for your body but if you are like me and you get super dark only after two hours of tanning then that's great way to get tan

Working out in the sun: working out is always good idea and also if it comes to tanning. When you are for example playing volleyball it is not that hard for you to stand in the sun and by playing any sports or working out the angle of the sun is different than when you are laying down the sun is going to your standing position that will give you natural tan and when you are laying down is different if you love playing sports this is great way to get tan

Sea: when you go swimming in the sea and you go out you will have the sea salt left on your body and this salt will help you get tan very fast and this way it is also very healthy because we all know the sea salt is healthy and it heals a lot of things this is great way to get tan fast and stay healthy

The tan accelerator: this tan accelerator is also in the way sun cream but doesn't protect you from the sun it only helps you get a tan. This cream contains carrots or any tropical fruits that will help you get tan faster and with whom you won't need a lot of time to tan and will last longer, but be careful if you are quiet white I would suggest to also put sun cream on. If you don't want to waste time tanning you should try out this technique

In water: if you are swimming in the pool or even laying down you will get tan as well because where the pool or even sea are located that place is straight facing the sun and with the help of the water you get tan. The water is quiet handy in tanning because the water reflects the sun and under there you will get better sun and the tanning process will gets easier this is great way to relax and get some nice tan

There are some fun you can tan from working out to just chilling at pool and relaxing. How you want to get your tan depends on what you are like if you are into sports then totally go with working out and getting natural tan but if you like relaxing I would either say laying down or chilling in the pool but if you get sick from sun very fast I would say chilling in the pool is better. Tanning is great but don't danger your healthy because of if you feel sick in anyway in the sun don't do it or some people are very white so tanning can't be good for them just little but not too much. If you see you are getting too red stop it trust me it is not worth is. One advice for VERY white people go to sun tanning studio just for view minutes a week to get your body prepared for the sun so that you body can handle it. I hope you enjoyed this one and will have blast tanning this summer hope these advices helped you and don't forget to hashtag your summer experiences #nakedlydressedsummer 

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