How to dress like Aria Montgomery

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Aria Montgomery from "Pretty little liars" you might know this great show from Abc Family. Aria has great style and we have loved watching her style on show and also changes of her style as well. When edgy meets girly that is how you can describe Aria's style very colourful but yet has still that dark side. This week I kind of have been lazy watching the whole time Pretty little liars on netflix and I thought why not do like style article about one of the girls. I honestly love all of them and every girl has their unique style but Aria's style caught my eye the most of course I will also write articles about other girl's styles don't worry so if you prefer style from other girls you get to learn how to style and be like them and today I'll show you what is typical to Aria's style, what you need to dress like Aria and how to wear

Leather jacket: something Aria always has on and shows off her edgy side is her leather jacket it is basically the main thing that high lights her style and she wears with anything from dresses to some cute skinny jeans thought she doesn't wear jeans that often so anytime you get a chance wear leather jacket 

Dresses: one of many things that shows Aria's girly side are her dresses if you are wearing dress you know you are in right direction. She loves her floral and vintage dresses and wears them with some cute high heels or ankle boots and then she puts some cute accessories on 

Boots: another great thing about Aria's style is she wears as much boots as she can. She wears different types of boots from normal high length boots to ankle heeled boots and she wears them with her cute dresses or sometimes she likes to wear skirts as well and then she puts some girly accessories like hat or some nice necklaces 

Feather earrings: because Aria's style is edgy and girly she often wear these feather earring. Generally she has always some accessory on and she likes wearing these earring with some darker look so it can be brighten and get more interesting. She likes wearing feather earring with her leather jacket 

Bags: Aria as any other girl loves her handbags and she always wear these handbags with some interesting prints or layers some cute girly details that will make it even more cuter. And of course she wears them with every outfit see if your outfit is looking too dark get some colourful handbag to make your outfit more interesting or if your outfit already has enough colours get just some simple handbag

Hat: as I said before Aria loves accessories and loves putting them on so to be more girly Aria sometimes wears hats different kinds of hats it depends on outfit and occasion. This kind of hat she wears with some blazer and some dress for more elegant occasion 

Patterns blazer: Aria is also quiet elegant girl that loves to wear these blazers with interesting patterns because Aria is unique and creative she likes so mix things little bit. She wears these blazers with some cute girly jeans or skirt 

Tops: Aria wears interesting tops from crop tops with interesting layers with patters to just simple basic tops with some prints on but when she is wearing a top that is not just usual top it has to be unique and she 

If you are watching the show you might know that Aria is very creative person and that also means her style is creative so if you want to dress like Aria you need to be unique, creative and very artistic like also Aria is big fan of vintage so it might be good to pay a visit to your local vintage store. I love the fact that Aria can put together such an amazing outfit with pieces that you wouldn't think can go great together. And she just has this artistic ways of styling and dressing and it makes her as character so interesting. What do you like the most about Aria's style? How do you describe her style? Who is your favourite character in ppl? Do you watch ppl and what do you think about the style? 

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