Leather skirt for summer

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Leather skirts we all love them and when we wear them we kind of look amazing in this edgy style that you just can't get enough of and they have go together with so many different styles so they are great to style and so great for an summer evening event or just to hang out with your friends. To look unique and trendy for special event you should wear these amazing skirts. I love wearing them because I look very trendy but also different from my usual style it is also great change and I like wearing them when I am going out or just doing something special with my friends. Because leather skirts are so great in summer I'll show you some of my favourite leather skirts from my favourite shops. Before I started showing you some amazing leather skirts I wanted to let us know to check out two amazing clothing brands Born poor live rich and Fash Fleek click to link on right side where you can see first born poor live rich the logo and from fash fleek the beautiful pink dress so make sure to click to see some amazing clothes there.

Topshop: this unique topshop skirt has some great features like this lace under and I think the fact that this skirt is tight makes it very edgy. With this girl you could wear some nice blouse and tuck it in the skirt and you can wear some leather boots like this skirt very nice combo or some nice high heels just simple once and totally not pointed toe high heel with this one these are no go for sure and then you can also play around with accessories with this skirt put some nice earrings and some bags either clutch or just simple handbag whatever you think it's the best

Forever21: great way to wear leather skirt with this skirt from forever21, the design of this skirt is very nice it has this zipper great detail and to make it super edgy and the skirt is tight but not too tight and this way you can put together with many things. I would wear this skirt with some nice blouse but not in black or cami would also be nice and then because it's summer either some strapy sandals heels or some nice sandals with shoulder bag and some nice necklace great way to go out or some nice dinner with your friends

American Apparel: this leather skirt in kind of more casual kind of leather skirt very edgy but also girly. I love that is very wide and just simple leather black skirt not any extra details. I would wear this nice little skirt with some top would that be just basic top or some crop top it doesn't matter and shoes I would wear because it's summer time some sandals or sneakers in case you do want to look more elegant with this skirt then you should wear some strapy sandals heels makes this a  it elegant and then just get some nice bag and if you want to look more girly put some daisy headband I love these look so girly and this skirt would be great for any casual occasion

I love these leather skirt because even with simple things your outfit looks very unique and they are super great to wear them in summer with sandals or some nice heels. You can wear this leather skirt to some fun events like when you are going out or going to concert and you will look totally edgy with it. Please don't forget to check amazing two clothing brands Born poor live rich and Fash Fleek on your right side just click on their pictures 

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