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If you might keep up with latest makeup then you know that mac cosmetics has released they latest collection called wash and dry. When I first saw this amazing collection at the store I was so shocked how amazing it looked and  I was speechless. The way this collection is I mean the design and packaging is so summer in all bright summer colours and I love it. I have loved mac for view years now, but not one collection can compare to this one I am so amazed at how good it is. I don't know if it is as good as the design of the collection, but I have tried view I am have to say I really like them. I know that you girls also love mac and makeup so today I am going to share with you this amazing collection and of course my excitement for this collection so let's just get to it 
Technakohl liner: the matt liners for eye from dark blue and green to grey and silver this colours will make your eye pop and high light their best features. If you want smaller eye try out this darker colours but if you want brighter eyes try this light colours. This liner has not only great colours but also maintain to eight hours and will stay fresh on your face the whole time. I bought this one is dark green and I have to say it is amazing and it really maintain for a long time 

False lashes waterproof: the mascara with volume and amazing effect under any kind of water, it will maintain under any kind of water so you can be free to cry, to swim with this mascara or anything else and also in maintain to 12 hours how amazing is this. During the day when you put this mascara on it looks so amazing you don't need to put any extra eyeshadows or anything this is good if you are in hurry then just put this amazing mascara on and you will look amazing as well. And how simple but amazing this mascara looks just simple black colour and then little metallic blue colour 

 Veluxe pearlfusion shadow trio: eyeshadow that will make your eye glow and with this three colours you will have perfect glamour look. When you have some glamorous even these eyeshadows might be useful. This is eyeshadow has first dark gold shinny colour and then little bright colour first amazing yellow colour and then green mint colours what an amazing combo and that will create but this combo is not the only one from this collection we have also for dramatic look they also made combo of black-gold, bronze and cream colour and then another for more natural look white with orange gold pearl, peachy orange and copper gold bronze and that would be great for everyday makeup I guess if you are looking for makeup for these looks this eyeshadow would be great for your, I have the natural palette and it is great and sometimes and mix it up with some of other palettes and can also do smoky eye makeup 

Tinted lipglass:  if you are looking for more shiny lips and less intensity lipgloss or lipglass are great and mac made some amazing colours for us. Very summery colours from this cream natural colour to more bright colours like this orange then hot pink and just simple pink. With this lipglass your lips will stay shiny and this lipglass maintain long on your lips and this are great for everyday makeup or just some glamorous even when you should be shinny 

Lipstick: there is no mac collection without their amazing lipsticks and for this collection they made even more amazing colours first we have starting from left side this cream natural colours the same as the lipglass then we have amazing orange colour very summer colours and it suits great because it is summer time this collection really gets you in summer spirit then we have hot red colour great to pop your lips and just hight light them and then the last one is kind of coral peachy colour very nice light colours great to wear during the day it is not too intensive. Something else about these lipsticks I don't know if you know mac and their lipsticks but their lipsticks are known to maintain for at least 8 hours and the quality is very good. 

Blush powder: mac has also made two amazing powders that you will put on your cheeks. One is kind of peachy and for just more glamour look and with some nice golden eyeshadows or just glamour colours and then we got pink powder which is more for everyday look and this two amazing powder will make your beautiful face more shinnier

Highlight powder: not only do you have amazing powders in this collection but also highlight powder that they made super special and great. As you can see it is kind of gold and will give your beautiful face a glow and can be blinded out very easily. This special powder you can put after you have put on your powder on just put this one on because this one will enough so if you are in hurry you can just use this one

Studio sculpt defining bronzing powder: we all love bronzer that makes us little bit tan and just more darker because you always look better darker. This bronzer will bring you little bit of glow to your face and also intensity which whom you will just look fabulous this summer. This bronzer is very easy to add to your beautiful face and also easy to blend out 

  125 split fibre dense face brush: great brush to add bronzer or powder to your face and then blend it out. The length of this brush is big enough but also not too big for bronzer or powder to get to the wrong place. These brushes are very easy to work with and quality is very good and they feel good on your face

126 split fibre large face brush: this brush is not for powder or bronzer it is for foundation as you can see the form of this is more larger and bigger and it is nice and easy spread to whole face. This brush is very easy to work with and quiet practical 

Bronzing powder: we have another powder that has darker shades that will make your face darker and glow. This powder will make your face natural and fresh while high lighting some good part of your face and make it more appealing. The quality is good and it is easy to add to your face

Studio nail laquier: great colours for summer very summer like colours that will get's you into summer spirit and makes your tan pop. This fun nail polishes are not only in great summer colours but also has glow and it is not dangerous for your nails because of the quality. 

This collection did really blew my mind I mean first the design and packing kind of in colour of rain bow which looks so awesome and cool and in all summer colours and then all these products and colours like lipsticks and lipglass then products features and more everything is great and when it is mac we know it is great quality so girls go and check out this amazing collection it is great for summer and can't ask for better makeup for summer. Hope you enjoyed this article and my excitement about it as well. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletters so you won't miss any of our article we have more beauty articles coming up so go on right side of this article and there you will find title be first to know and under you can enter your email

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