Must have accessories for the summer

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Accessories are important part of our outfits it makes your outfit more interesting and it high lights the best parts of our outfits. We already wrote an articles about accessories every girl should have but today we are just talking about summer accessories. Summer has great accessories and you really have a lot of accessories you can choose from but today we are not talking about accessories for the summer we are talking about must have accessories for the summer. Something you just need to own for the summer great way to put summer look together and also nice to have in your closet because you know you might need it also don't forget to hashtag on any of your social media accounts nakedlydressedsummer so we can all enjoy summer together

Floppy hat: floppy hat is such a typical accessory for the summer you probably see a lot of girls wearing them on the beach but also in the city everywhere and they mostly wear it with some cute girly dress it doesn't matter if it is mini or maxi dress. Dress with this hat is perfect mix 

 Light scarf: great way to accessories your summer looks is with light scarf these tinny scarfs that you can put it on with some great shorts or skirt that you wear or even dress, you can get these scarfs in some summer colours so if you are wearing outfit with simple boring colours you can make your outfit look more interesting with this scarf

Clutch: clutch is always great way to look stylish and elegant but especially when you got all parties and special events coming up you need to be looking great so with some great elegant outfit clutch is perfect accessory for it 

 Wedges sandals: when you are lunching with your girls it is quiet and you want to look great wear some simple maxi dress with these wedges sandals. This wedges sandals are great shoes for the summer want to look bit stylish but not to over do it you can wear them with anything from shorts to dress and it can be casual as well as elegant look 

Sunglasses: of course sunglasses are must have for the summer they are not only used to protect you from the sun but they makes your outfit look great this season these coloured sunglasses from rayban have been quiet in so if you love having unique outfit I would suggest to add these sunglasses to your outfit

Headband: headband is great way to put some accessory in your hair and totally must because it keeps your hair from flying and get some summer look headband either with some flowers or coral to look even super cute and girly

Sarong: this great piece you have wear in many ways like skirt or dress and it is great piece to have at the beach. When you are at the beach and you want to go to restaurant but you can't go just with your bikini in restaurant you need to put some clothes on so this is very easy to put on and looks super cute 

Beach bag: you don't want to take your favourite bag to beach that you take when you go out because after the beach it will be full of the sand and kind of dirty and most of our bags are not that big so we can't take too much stuff to the beach. Great thing to have is this beach bag which is big and you don't have to worry if it is going to be full of sand because you will just use it for the beach and it is this bag is also practical to wear

Ankle bracelet: these ankle bracelets have been quiet popular in the summer. These bracelets are great way to high lights your beautiful legs and feet and it is something that will look great with your bikini or summer dress and it will look summer like you can also make it yourself and most of these ankle bracelets are quiet cheap

Golden tattoos: these golden tattoos might be familiar to your from coachella it was quiet popular at coachella this year. You might have some up coming summer open airs that you will go to and you should totally get these tattoos to get into festival spirit and just get crazy and look festival like they are easy to apply and after also easy to remove

These were some accessories you might need for the summer. This are accessories I use in the summer and in my opinion something everyone should have. Like for example these ankle bracelets they are so great and they match great with anything even elegant outfits and you just need these cute little accessories to make your outfit look even better. Summer is the time when you can get crazy with details and just put as much colours as you want and just be free. Summer is season of the freedom and we want to experience with all of you so keep hasttagging on any of your  social medias things you are doing in the summer or if you have request to our summer series articles just hast tag nakedlydressedsummer and we are looking forward to looking at all the posts

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